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    LPP's membership

    LPP supports the NHS to maximise savings which can be redirected to improving patient care.

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    A toolkit for members

    my.lpp makes it easier for members to manage their procurement information and access workspaces.

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14-11-19   LPP Stakeholder Board

A forum for procurement heads and staff

21-11-19   LPP Steering Board

The LPP Steering Board meets every two months.

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In the spotlight

04-10-19   Health and Social Care Applications

Facilitating the alignment of digital solutions to assist the NHS.

26-09-19   NHS LPP Consultancy Delivering Real Value For You

As a new capability for NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP), the NHS LPP Consultancy will be providing bespoke consultancy advice to deliver real value for you.

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