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    LPP supports the NHS to maximise savings which can be redirected to improving patient care.

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    my.lpp makes it easier for members to manage their procurement information and access workspaces.

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    For details of our live contracts - scope, dates, and who can access them, please search our database.

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    Activities for members, from training and peer group forums to pipeline planning and category boards.

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19-05-16   Steering board meeting

LPP's steering board meets every two months.

25-05-16   Staff Bank Managers Forum

Meeting at LPP Office with member trust Staff Bank Managers

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Latest News

26-04-16   LPP conference presentations available

LPP held its 10th anniversary conference on Friday 22nd April.

25-04-16   Nutrition Supply Services Framework has now been published

The tender for a new Nutrition Supply Services Framework (including enteral feeds, pumps, consumables, home delivery service and support services) has now been published.

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