LPP strapline

Our Structure and Governance

NHS London Procurement Partnership is governed by a steering board, with support from an executive management board and individual category boards.

The Steering Board is responsible for:

  • sponsoring and governing LPP
  • helping the Partnership team overcome barriers
  • delivering key messages to trusts and commissioners
  • reviewing progress and approving milestone gates.

The Executive Management Board is made up of NHS Leads - appointees from within our member trusts who are experts in their particular categories. The EMB is responsible for:

  • agreeing the workplan
  • co-ordinating the work of the workstreams
  • providing the link between LPP and the rest of the NHS.

The Corporate Services Team is responsible for:

  • managing LPP on a day-to-day basis
  • establishing and maintaining all project reporting requirements
  • managing all project communications
  • benefits tracking and business intelligence
  • supplying required subject matter expertise
  • providing help with sourcing plans and tactics
  • financial management and control of the programme.

The category teams within LPP are responsible for managing and delivering all LPP category activities. Each team  has its own category board or stakeholder group, and is led by a category expert from within a member trust, known as an NHS Lead.