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Mental Health & Community Board Meeting January 2015

Meetings are normally held every other month. However the November meeting was cancelled to allow focus on the developing workplan for 15/16 and ensure readiness to report to stakeholders and the Steering Board in January. Agendas, minutes and supporting papers are currently available in the my.lpp workspace. You must be logged in to access these documents. A presentation to acute, mental health and community groups preceded the meeting, covering early outputs from the recent member survey. LPP customers mainly reported good experiences of LPP and valued the mixture of ways in which LPP engages. 95% of members had queries resolved or in the process of resolution. There was an indication that procurement respondents would like more direct contact from the workstreams. Provision of compliant frameworks was the most popular function of LPP. More will be reported once a full analysis has taken place.

2. Last minutes were agreed and there were no matters arising:

3. LPP corporate and cross hub collaborative working:
Access to all Commercial Solutions and East of England frameworks is now fully open to members but for CPC (NoE), access has to be negotiated on a case by case basis.
Several initiatives from the other hubs are now fully supported and adopted by LPP in the workplan.
Agency Nursing and Total Orthopaedics Solutions framework are now national collaborative frameworks.  Total Cardiac Solutions will launch in April 2015. A new national Medical Locum framework and AHP agency framework is planned during 2015.
National frameworks will, by design, support demand aggregation.

MC stated that HTE is not included because they are a commercial organisation.

MC said on the DH portal now provided a toolkit for managing agency staff.  The frameworks include multiple agencies in order to reduce the risk of agencies trading off framework.

4. Update on the Demand Aggregation Pilot (DAP)
AE Stockings - e-Auction scheduled for 23rd January
Single Use Gowns  - ITT to be issued in early February
Examination Gloves -  paused awaiting DH work outcomes

Sir Hugh Taylor, chair of the DAP and of GSTT, hosted a workshop to agree some principles for taking the DAP work forward. It is likely that aggregated volumes and commitment charters will be used more in the future.

Most of the DAP initiatives were not of particular relevance to mental health and community trusts, with the exception of exam gloves which may follow.  However,  NHSSC had already negotiated a £5m contract making substantial savings.  LPP was waiting to see the details of this before embarking on a similar exercise.

MC said that aggregation would become increasingly important, not only for goods but also services.

Also of interest, MV said that SMS texting was going to e-Auction later this month and a further round of mobile telephone eAuctions would be held. However, CL said that she was unsure that the SMS text framework would meet their requirements. She also felt that the mobile telephony initiative would not have supplied the support that they needed. CP said that she had had no idea that her trust used SMS. She felt that the NHS should be moving to more modern technologies instead. MC said that since trusts were currently sending millions of texts a year a good price needed to be secured in the short term.

LPP is working to provide better communication for future e-Auctions.

5. Draft LPP Workplan 2015/16
The LPP Steering Board meets Friday 23rd January to sign off the workplan and the funding model for 15/16 resource allocation and membership fees.

Estates, Facilities and Professional Services:
New frameworks included the new LPP BEM framework due to launch soon, Construction Consultancy and Advisory Services.
An award on the CCS Construction Materials and Signage and Wayfinding frameworks were anticipated and LPP will support the use of these.
CCS is working on a new Interpretation Services framework to replace the current expiring in August 2015. LPP may go to the market independently if there is a delay in the CCS framework.
The Legal Framework expires soon and could be either a national collaboration or an LPP framework.
LPP is considering a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for Minor Works once the new regulations had come into UK law. This would allow for a quick call off. 

It is possible for trusts to set up their own DPS.

With spend rising on agency, demand management will be a key focus in the coming year.  
A mini-competition is planned against the international recruitment lot of the national nursing agency framework.
LPP is supporting CCS in developing a new Non-medical Non-clinical framework.  LPP may carry out a London mini-competition against a new framework.
Medical Locums due to expire May 2016 should be replaced early  by  a new national collaborative framework in Feb 2016.
The AHP framework renewal will begin 6 months later.
The DH toolkit for managing agency will be promoted in London.
Agency managed services are a consideration for efficiency.

CP asked if Staff-Flow was recommended. PB said different trusts were using different management services and she could not specifically recommend Staff-Flow.

Medical, Surgical and Supply Chain:
The Total Cardiology Solutions (TCS) national framework will commence in April 2015 and will encompass numerous items from older initiatives.
A further competition against the NHSSC framework for Audiology will start in March.
The Framework for Breast Prostheses and Testicular Implants is being adopted from Commercial Solutions, CPAP from the East of England; and Procedure Packs from CPC.
The new Laparoscopic Consumables will be made available to all members.
The Vendor Neutral Managed Service will be reviewed in 15/16.
Enteral Feeds is now being considered in 2015/16.
The Neutral Wholesaler initiative was also available to any trust.

LPP is considering a Continence framework as the current one is unsuitable for direct call off. 

David Byrne has left LPP and the team structure is under review.
The benchmarking service (BAS) direction of travel is being reviewed.
To avoid duplication in IT&T frameworks LPP will  promote aggregated purchasing through the CCS or other (eg. Essex On-line) arrangements.
LPP will support its members to find what they need on G-Cloud.  
LPP plans to focus on NHS specific e-enablement needs, including building support to GS1, since adoption plans are required by June.

In the demand aggregation e-auction SLAM had saved significantly on Mobile Telephony.

NA said that while GS1 was of less relevance to mental health trusts, it could still support them in stock management, despite that there is no deadline for producing implementation plans.

Electronic invoicing would be of use to all trusts. CP said CNWL used GHX for purchase orders.

6. AOB

SBS had approached BEH with an offer of a free diagnostic to understand processes in the trust.

MC said LPP was also looking at a diagnostic based on the DH procurement toolkit to help trusts get to the highest level of the assessment. However, it would be impossible to provide a service such as this free as a lot of staff time was required.

NG said they had a legal challenge at the award stage for a tender in which they took part as a collaborative for 10 trusts. MC said suppliers were increasingly likely to challenge.

7.  Date of next meeting:  Monday 16 March 2015, 13.30-16.00.