Business Intelligence

The NHS LPP Business Intelligence team is unique and one of our greatest strengths. We are part of the NHS so have access to business data from the NHS and its suppliers which we cleanse, categorise, analyse and provide back to trusts without the data leaving the organisation. The complexity of the health service sometimes makes it difficult for trusts to quantify what they are spending – we make sense of it for them and where appropriate, we connect trusts across London so they can work together, avoiding duplication and ensuring best practice. We work with you to identify your business needs and agree baselines, then present the data to your trust in an easily digestible way, ensuring it can be used to facilitate improvements across the health landscape.

Our team can work with you on:

  • Bespoke reports
  • Spend and opportunity analysis
  • Customised business intelligence tools and analysis
  • Benchmarking products and services
  • Analysing supplier management information to track and report on savings and opportunities

Plus more