Bespoke and added value services

LPP's Technology & Consultancy team offers a bespoke procurement service to LPP members and other trusts. We can provide dedicated support to trusts which may not have the existing capacity to undertake larger more complex procurements, we can also offer advice and guidance to ensure compliance with relevant Public sector and EU procurement legislation.

The team's work can enhance the reputation of a trust, supporting it to meet the many external demands on trusts for demonstrating quality, quality assurance and quality enhancement.  

We develop a systematic rigorous approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of  our work. We review processes and their outcomes, so that we can identify and recommend any necessary improvements, and we contribute to the ongoing processes of assurance and the enhancement of quality in the work of the trust.

Opportunity Assessment

The team can undertake assessments  to identify cost savings opportunites through contract and supplier rationalisation and re negotiation.

Managed Document Services

Significant cost saving and service improvements can be achieved through the implementation of a third party fully managed document service. LPP has established a framework with “lots” which range from printers and printer consumables through to a fully managed document service. LPP is able to provide the expertise to help trusts undertake mini competions against the framerwork. 

Other Projects

These are examples of the other bespoke consultancy assignments we have undertaken:

  • Outsourcing of Pathology Services
  • Electronic eRostering of Nursing Staff
  • Student Information Management System
  • Digital Platform to promote the wellbeing of citizens with Mental Health problems
  • Spend Analysis/Quality Assurance – we can provide analytical support and support in setting up service level agreements (SLAs) to realise maximum savings and help manage service delivery.