Estates Facilities & Professional Services

The NHS LPP Estates, Facilities and Professional Services team delivers value for money through contracts in areas such as estates and facilities management, transport, utility contracts, minor works and bespoke support. A major focus is to provide solutions that assist trusts reduce their carbon emissions – helping them to work towards meeting government and NHS England net zero commitments and improving air quality which will in turn reduce hospital admissions. Our team knows that while there is interest in positive environmental outcomes, the need to keep delivering is necessarily the main daily focus for many NHS organisations. That’s why our team does the hard work for you, to deliver long term, sustainable solutions, developing strong relationships with trade associations and other external partners. The three key themes throughout are sustainability, value for money and security of supply.

Our team can work with you to:

  • Reduce hospital carbon admissions and in turn work towards meeting future net zero carbon legislation
  • Tackle backlog maintenance projects
  • Develop  tender packs for further competition to ensure best value results
  • Develop dashboards to benchmark carbon emissions
  • Deliver bespoke support e.g. procuring all pre-construction consultants for hospital infrastructure programs

Plus more