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Estates Facilities & Professional Services

The Estates, Facilities and Professional Services team works in the following broad areas:

  • Maintenance services directly related to the building, for example heating maintenance and building repairs (hard facilities management).
  • Day-to-day services that keep buildings running, for example waste disposal, catering, cleaning, security (soft facilities management).
  • Transport services including patient transport and couriers.
  • Professional services from legal advisors to architects and surveyors.

London NHS organisations alone spend around £800 million a year on these services. Private Finance Initiatives (private companies contracted to design, build, and in some cases manage new projects) account for a further £1 billion on estates and facilities.

We can help NHS organisations by:

  • ensuring best prices for maintenance and services;
  • improving patient care both directly and indirectly by providing better services;
  • assisting NHS organisations to meet Care Quality Commission ratings for buildings;
  • helping to meet environmental standards and improve carbon footprints;
  • providing support to undertake mini competitions.


Our People

Ash Fraser Category Support Specialist 020 7188 7188 x53803 ashwaq.fraser@lpp.nhs.uk
Edward James Workstream Lead 020 7188 7188 x53804 edward.james@lpp.nhs.uk
Laura Whitworth Senior Category Manager 020 7188 8122 laura.whitworth@lpp.nhs.uk
Michael Lane Category Support Specialist 020 7188 7149 michael.lane@lpp.nhs.uk
Ryan Carstairs Senior Category Manager 020 7188 7188 x55306 ryan.carstairs@lpp.nhs.uk
Shahajan Miah Business Apprentice 55256 shahajan.miah@lpp.nhs.uk
Turkan Ince Interim Senior Category Manager 020 7188 7188 x55256 turkan.ince@lpp.nhs.uk
Vicky Bevan Senior Category Manager 020 7188 5379 victoria.bevan@lpp.nhs.uk