Estates Facilities & Professional Services

The Estates, Facilities and Professional Services team works in the following broad areas:

  • Maintenance services directly related to the building, for example heating maintenance and building repairs (hard facilities management).
  • Day-to-day services that keep buildings running, for example waste disposal, catering, cleaning, security (soft facilities management).
  • Transport services including patient transport and couriers.
  • Professional services from legal advisors to architects and surveyors.

London NHS organisations alone spend around £800 million a year on these services. Private Finance Initiatives (private companies contracted to design, build, and in some cases manage new projects) account for a further £1 billion on estates and facilities.

We can help NHS organisations by:

  • ensuring best prices for maintenance and services;
  • improving patient care both directly and indirectly by providing better services;
  • assisting NHS organisations to meet Care Quality Commission ratings for buildings;
  • helping to meet environmental standards and improve carbon footprints;
  • providing support to undertake mini competitions.


Our People

Ash Fraser Senior Category Manager - Agency and Temporary Staffing 020 7188 7188 x54232
Laura Whitworth Senior Category Manager 020 7188 6706
Lorna Jackson Workstream Procurement Support 020718853803
Mark Fox Category Specialist 07833 200 315
Matt Price Senior Category Manager 020 7188 7188 ext 53804
Michelle Mccann Category Director - Estates, Facilities & Professional Services 07918 338 585
Safa Zina Procurement Support Officer 55306
Simon Williams Senior Category Manager 020 7 188 5379
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Apprenticeship Training Providers DPS

LPP is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System ‘DPS’ for the provision of Apprenticeship Training which shall be open to: — LPP member bodies (whether full, associate or other members) as listed at: /about-lpp/our-members/and any new LPP members for the duration of the contract; plus any other NHS/Public Sector bodies located in England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland, subject to approval of LPP, including but not limited to Acute and Foundation Trusts, CCGs, Ambulance, Care, Hospital, Mental Health and Community Health Trusts,Special Health Authorities, Health Boards, NHS Commissioning Boards, CSUs and other health orgs (Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland), Health and Social Care Trusts (N Ireland), Community Health Councils, Local Health Boards, Social Enterprises, NHS Collaborative Procurement Hubs/Organisations, GP Practices, Primary Care Commissioners, DoH Public Health England and Local Authorities and any successor organisations of the above.

Tender information is available on TED.