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Soft Facilities Management Services

Soft facilities management contracts are complex agreements which can take significant time and cost to award. All suppliers appointed to this framework provide comprehensive and innovative soft facilities management solutions and proactively assist Authorities in their attempts to achieve efficiency savings through improved ways of working without impacting on patient care.

Benefits of the contract

  • Provides a comprehensive soft facilities management service to meet all of an Authority's requirements and is OJEU compliant.
  • Supports the Authority in meeting its requirements under The New Fair Deal.
  • Provides a flexible solution in regard to the changes that may affect both the NHS and the wider public sector during the life of the framework.
  • The framework is based on generic service specifications, which can be adapted to capture the requirements and service levels specific to the Authority. The suppliers’ ability to deliver such specific requirements can be examined in the mini competition.

Contract description

Lot 1

 Fully Managed Service for Soft Facillities Management Services (mini competition)

Lot 2a

 General Cleaning Services (mini competition)

Lot 2b

 Window Cleaning Services (mini competition)

Lot 2c 

 Pest Control and Prevention Services (mini competition)

Lot 3

 Catering Services (mini competition)

Lot 4

 Linen and Laundry Services (mini competition)

Lot 5

 Security and Manned Guarding Services (mini competition)


Please refer to User Guide

Contract Overview
Start 02-04-13
End 01-04-18
Contract Type Framework (Further Competition)
Accessible to All Public Sector
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref 2013/S 087-147151
Initial Period (Years) 5.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Simon Williams
0207 188 5379
LPP Ref L0028
Supporting information