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Voltage Optimisation

This framework has been established to allow public sector organisations to award contracts for voltage optimisation equipment to help with minimising their energy costs.

Benefits of the contract

All suppliers appointed to this Framework have a proven track record of delivering Voltage Optimisation ideally within a large hospital environment, or other complex government related environments.

  • Provides a comprehensive solution to tackling common power quality problems and is OJEU compliant
  • Delivers savings, both financial and efficiency, through the reduction of energy consumption and waste
  • Reduces over-voltage which leads to reduction in equipment lifetime and increased energy consumption
  • Decreases phase voltage imbalance which often causes heating in wiring and motors leading to wasteful energy consumption
  • Minimises transients (very brief but large and potentially destructive increases in voltage) which are the basis for data loss, equipment degradation and shortened life
  • Cuts harmonics which can damage sensitive electronic equipment and reduction in the efficiency of HV transformer
  • Requires the supplier to complete a full site audit to agree the measurement and verification plan before commencement of the contract, provide project management throughout the installation and maintain the equipment throughout its lifecycle
  • Provides Authorities with options of funding models to support ROI requirements and available capital funds.


Contract description

Lot 1 - Voltage Optimisation Equipment (mini competition)



Lot 1 - Voltage Optimisation Equipment


Intelligent Energy Saving Company Ltd

SDC Industries

Contract Overview
LPP Ref: L0012
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