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Medical Surgical & Supply Chain

The Medical, Surgical and Supply Chain team works to deliver better prices and improved quality on medical products and services. We focus mainly on high cost devices and products used frequently in surgery. In addition, our Supply Chain experts are creating competition in the market for the provision and logistics associated with getting the right products at the right price to the place and time they are needed.

We are now expanding our portfolio of frameworks, while also extending the scope of our existing ones. For example, re-tendered frameworks (like Orthopaedics) are bringing more supplier choice and more complex ranges of products to LPP members.

We can help NHS organisations by:

  • making savings on a range of specialist medical products
  • managing the contract with members to make sure the quality and service are right
  • determining the best route to guarantee the supply of products
  • working with members' procurement departments to run single tender processes
  • ensuring compliance with EU regulations
  • encouraging collaboration between members so they can all benefit from specialist advice.

Our People

Alexander Rozek Category Support Specialist 020 7188 6682 alexander.rozek@gstt.nhs.uk
Beth Watkins Senior Category Manager 020 7188 6682 beth.watkins@lpp.nhs.uk
Chris Hassall Senior Category Manager 020 7188 6672 chris.hassall@lpp.nhs.uk
Natasha Woollams Senior Category Manager 020 7188 188 x54232 natasha.woolams@lpp.nhs.uk
Nicco Varela Senior Category Manager 020 7188 7188 x55261 nicco.varela@lpp.nhs.uk
Oleksandr Lyubych Category Support Specialist 020 7188 6682 oleksandr.lyubych@lpp.nhs.uk