Medicines Optimisation & Pharmacy Procurement

The Medicines Optimisation and Pharmacy Procurement workstream delivers cost effective prices on medicines and related products, and also supports the London-wide QIPP work on medicines use and procurement.

Medicines cost the NHS £2 billion a year in London alone, split equally between Clinical Commissioning Groups (mainly GP prescriptions) and acute and mental health trusts. Hospital medicine expenditure is rising by about 12 percent a year, partly due to the introduction of new high cost medicines.

We work to encourage prescribing which is both clinically effective and cost effective by establishing clinical guidelines for high cost treatments. We also encourage the use of non-branded medicines or changing from one type of medicine to another where appropriate.


We work in two distinct areas, primary care and secondary care.


We help NHS organisations by:

  • making savings on a range of pharmacy and related products
  • providing pan-London pricing so each hospital pays the same price
  • ensuring compliance with EU regulations
  • keeping NHS organisations up-to-date on new medicines, medicines coming off patent and changes to the market
  • working with NHS organisations on guidelines for the use of medicines
  • providing monthly benchmarking, savings and cost avoidance data



Our People

Azhar Saleem GP Specialist to MOPP 020 7188 6697
Graeme Test Test 54076
Jackie Eastwood Associate Director, Medicines Optimisation and Pharmacy Procurement 07500 573068
Jas Khambh Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Director
Katherine Stapley Outsourced Medicines Supply Services Lead 020 7188 6680 x86689
Rebecca Fisher Dietetic Project Manager 0207 188 7188 ext 55425
Tracy Mcmillan Pharmacy and Medicines Management Project Lead
Vincent Mak Consultant Physician
Zarah Perry-Woodford Consultant Nurse Stoma Care 020718886697