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QIPP Event Presentations 2015

This year's QIPP event included presentations from a variety of speakers on key topics. Read more about the speakers and download their presentations below and from the Supporting Information section to the right of this page.


    Tim Root
Introduction: The Context of Today's NHS
Tim Root   In 2003, after 20 years as Chief Pharmacist at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Tim moved to East and South East England Specialist Pharmacy Services, for which he is currently Acting Director. In this capacity he provided interim support to the NHSE London region Specialised Commissioning Team in 2014/15. He is also the Strategic Pharmaceutical Lead for NHS London Procurement Partners.
    Anna Hodgkinson and Claudette Allerdyce
South London Health Innovation Network, Update on the Development and Implementation of Innovative Ways of Improving Health Outcomes for People with Diabetes
Anna Hodgkinson   Anna has worked as a Pharmacist in Primary Care since early in her career, and has worked as a Senior Clinical Commissioning Pharmacist for Lambeth CCG for the past 8 years. In addition to her role in commissioning, she works as a Diabetes Specialist Pharmacist for the Lambeth Diabetes Intermediate Care Team, is a clinical lead for diabetes at the South London Health Innovation Network and a member of the London Diabetes Strategic Clinical Network. She is an independent prescriber and her main interests are in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.
Claudette Allerdyce   Claudette is an experienced pharmacist with over 20 years of experience of working within the NHS. For the last 11 years she has worked in Primary Care Organisations in Croydon and is currently employed by Croydon CCG as a Principal Pharmacist and a clinical network coordinator. Her main area of interest is Diabetes and she was part of the NICE Type 2 Diabetes Newer Agents Clinical Guideline Development Group as well as an expert panel member for the NICE Quality Standards in Diabetes published in 2010. Claudette is currently undertaking accreditation as a health coach and looking at ways to incorporate health coaching within the care of people with diabetes or those identified as having a high risk of the condition.
    Rishi Rampersad
Using Patient Outcome Data to Aid Medicines Optimisation
Rishi Rampersad   Rishi is a qualified pharmacy technician with over 10 years NHS experience. He spent five years working in hospitals in a number of different pharmacy roles, including pharmacy procurement and financial reporting, and four years in a PCT dealing with GPs and providing prescribing analysis and strategic pharmaceutical support. He has developed dashboards and reporting systems which have been used by London and three other SHAs.
    Glenn Harley and Carl Holvey
Medicines Optimisation Opportunities in Mental Health
Glenn Harley   Glenn is currently Senior Pharmacist and Lead for Mental Health for the Medicines Optimisation & Pharmacy Procurement (MOPP) workstream for the NHS London Procurement Partnership. He is helping to lead work on LPP’s Patient Access Scheme Project. Previously, he was the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Lead for East London NHS Foundation Trust, as well as the Trust Medicines Information manager. He has worked as a clinical pharmacist for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust. He is a member of the College of Mental Health Pharmacists and has completed the Aston University Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Psychiatric Therapeutics. He has an interest in appropriate prescribing and monitoring of mental health medicines, as well as patient adherence, and the sensible application of technology to the healthcare setting.
Carl Holvey   Carl Holvey first worked in Hospital Pharmacy Services and Primary Care Commissioning Organisations in 2002. He has continued a career specialising in mental health and substance misuse provider and commissioning organisations since. Carl is a specialist trained Mental Health Prescribing Clinical Pharmacist, providing advice on individualised treatments as well as leading on changes to medicines treatment care pathways across the whole health economy in the locality he works in, and by influencing the NHS England Medicines Optimisation Clinical Reference Group on which he sits. Working in and developing failing services to meet national standards of care has been a particular focus throughout his career. Being in the mental health trust with the highest TDA medicines optimisation score and still managing to reduce its medicines budget while developing and innovating has been particularly satisfying. Carl is the Lead Clinical and Deputy Chief Pharmacist at South West London & St George’s NHS Trust, Senior Prescribing Advisor and Commissioning Support Pharmacist at Kingston CCG (supporting SWL CCGs), Independent Prescriber at Kingston GP practices and Healthcare Consultant at Springfield Consultancy (Supporting the Health Foundation).
    Philip Aubrey
Biosimilars – Overview for London
Clinical Medicines Procurement – Leverage in a Branded Market
Phil Aubrey   Philip Aubrey is a hospital pharmacist by background and currently works as a Medicines Procurement Specialist for London & East of England. His main focus is his role as the London Procurement Partnership – Pharmacy, Medicines use and Procurement Secondary Care Lead. This involves managing the contracting of medicines for all London NHS trusts and driving cost efficiencies on medicines in both primary and secondary care, ensuring value for money across the health economy. This involves working closely with both providers and commissioners within CCGs and NHS England. Phil has been pivotal in using clinical medicines procurement as a method of leveraging lower prices on branded medicines. This work underpins the Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme in London.

In addition Phil is a member of many national procurement groups including the Pharmaceutical Market Supply Group (PMSG), National Homecare Medicines Committee (NHMC), Pharmacy Business and Technology Group (PBTG), National Biosimilars Sub Group and Transitional Medicines Sub Group. He is the Chair of the National Branded Medicines Sub Group of PMSG. Phil is also a member of the recently formed Medicines Optimisation Clinical Reference Group.
    Helen Williams and Sotiris Antoniou
Medicines Optimisation in Cardiovascular Disease
Helen Williams   Helen is involved in a wide range of activities across South London including developing community-based cardiovascular services such as pharmacist-led clinics to manage hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and heart failure, supporting the local community HF service, contributing to the NHS Health Checks programme and providing education and training to healthcare professionals involved in the management of CV disease.

Helen chairs the local cardiovascular medicines working group which develops and supports the implementation of consensus evidence-based guidance for use across South London’s 12 clinical commissioning groups and 7 acute trusts covering a population of 2.8million. A key focus has been improving the uptake of anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrillation and considering the place of novel oral anticoagulants to support this. Currently, there is a strong focus on medicines optimisation in primary care for long terms conditions such as heart failure, hypertension and atrial fibrillation with the aim of reducing the burden of acute hospital admissions and she has been involved in supporting primary care practitioners to through guideline implementation, clinical audit and provision of pharmacist-led virtual clinics.

Helen is an editorial board member for the British Journal of Cardiology and the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, she has worked with NICE on the development of a number of cardiovascular guidelines and is a member of the NHS England Primary Care Leadership Forum and the London Strategic Clinical Network Cardiovascular Strategic Clinical Leadership Group.
Sotiris Antoniou   Sotiris Antoniou is a Consultant Pharmacist with over 15 years experience in managing cardiovascular patients. Sotiris is an independent prescriber working in a specialist hypertension clinic for difficult to control patients as part of the multi-disciplinary team. Sotiris is currently chair of the cardiac committee for United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) and has published extensively in the pharmacy press and is actively involved in the training and development of clinical pharmacists. Sotiris has served on the recently published NICE STEMI guideline as well as Unstable Angina/NSTEMI guideline and Stable Angina guideline and a member of NICE Highly Specialised Technology Appraisal Committee and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL School of Pharmacy.
    Dr Vince Mak and Dr Azhar Saleem
Respiratory – Optimising Medicines for COPD and Asthma – an Integrated Approach
Vince Mak   Dr Vince Mak is currently a Consultant Physician in Respiratory Integrated Care at Imperial College Healthcare and Central London Community Healthcare Trusts covering Hammersmith and Fulham CCG. Until recently, he was a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at North West London Hospitals Trust. Currently, he is one of the Clinical Directors of the Outer NWL Integrated Care Program, and is now with the Whole Systems Integrated Care Programme Board which involves all NW London CCGs.

In addition, he was one of the Respiratory Clinical Leads for NHS London leading workstreams in Responsible Respiratory Prescribing and Value in Healthcare. He now sits on the NHSE, London Respiratory Network Group leading in Respiratory Medicines Management. He took up his current role in Integrated Care so that he could dedicate more time to developing and promoting new models of person centered collaborative care throughout NW London, as this is likely to be the future for the NHS.
Azhar Saleem   Dr Azhar Saleem graduated from UCL and is currently a GP in Lambeth. He is the Respiratory and Diagnostics Lead at Lambeth CCG and member of the Lambeth and Southwark Integrated Respiratory Team across the Kings Health Partners. With a keen interest for working on improving the primary/secondary care interface, he is the Lung and Primary Care Lead on the Transforming Outcomes and Healthcare Economics Through Imaging (TOHETI) at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. He is the GP Lead for the Children and Young People’s Health Partnership Paediatric Asthma group. He is currently co-chair of the newly formed South East London Responsible Respiratory Prescribing Group spanning across 6 CCGs. He works with the LPP on the primary care QIPP group and the Respiratory working group.
    Ashok Soni
The Future Role of Pharmacists in Supporting Continuity of Care
(Please note, there were no slides for this presentation.)
Ashok Soni   Graduating as a Pharmacist from Portsmouth School of Pharmacy Ashok Soni began his life long career and commitment to pharmacy. Over the last 30 years Ash has held a number of notable positions from owning and operating his own pharmacy to working for Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham LPC, sessional work with the local GP practice and consultancy work for a number of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to this Ash has also held positions on boards for Lambeth PCT, RPS English Pharmacy Board, PSNC and NPA, just to name a few.

He was appointed as a member of the NHS Future Forum to review the Health & Social Care Bill and the appropriateness of elements of that Bill. Ash was a member of the Clinical Advice and Leadership workstream in the first phase. In the second phase he jointly led the workstream on 'The NHS's Role in the Public's Health'. In the third phase, he was involved in the review of the NHS Constitution. Ash is a Fellow of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Honorary Fellow of The UCL School of Pharmacy. He was awarded an OBE in the New Years Honours for services to pharmacy and the NHS. He is a Board member of the South London Local Education & Training Board and is the Clinical Network Lead with NHS Lambeth CCG. Ash has most recently been appointed the President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.