Nutritional products on prescription

Nutrition on prescription is indicated in a number of clinical conditions, both temporary and lifelong. Nutritional products can be a supportive measure, or a highly complex treatment such as for Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

The Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS) approves all nutritional products listed in Part XV of the Drug Tarriff and the British National Formulary. Over 1400 nutritional products are listed with significant variation in indications and product specifications. The ACBS does not influence or monitor prices.

Dietitians can request nutrition on prescription but cannot independently prescribe. In 2016 Dietitians became eligible to become Supplementary Prescribers on completion of further training. Dietitians are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

The nutrition workstream focuses on appropriate prescribing of oral nutritional items including specialist infant formulas and oral nutrition support (ONS) across the lifespan. Project work is prioritised and supported by the nutritional prescribing group. There are opportunities to share best practice and develop specialist knowledge of appropriate nutritional prescribing.

Dashboards on key performance indicators with accompanying guidance have been updated and developed by the nutritional prescribing group, see link to access.


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