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LPP Pan-London Nutrition Supply (Enteral feeding) Framework

A large proportion of existing contracts for the provision of Nutrition Supply Services have either expired or are near to expiry. The LPP took over the management of the South West London Contract in June 2015 and this contract was extended to September 2016. Other contracts are in the process of being extended. The intention is to appoint a number of suppliers for the provision of the whole end to end service.

The procurement of the Nutrition Supply Service utilises the specification initially developed by the North East London (NEL) consortium and revised to include changes identified by the sub groups as well as information included in other tender documents and information from the potential suppliers.

The procurement is not subject to any gateway assurance checks during the process, however, before issue, the tender documents have been checked by Legal and approved by LPP Management and prior to award, the LPP Steering Board will approve the award of the Framework.

A Framework Agreement for a period of 4 years will be in place for use by all LPP members. In addition, as a result of further competition tender exercises which are to be issued concurrently with the Framework tender, Call Off Contract (s) for South West London (SWL) and North East London (NEL) Consortium will be in place with each group for a period of three years plus two one year extension options.

The Framework Agreement is divided into Lots. Lot 1 is the On FP10 Prescription Managament arrangements (i.e excluding the FP10 spend in community) and Lot 2 is the Off FP10 Prescription Management arrangement. Lot 2 will include a flat pricing structure across the whole health economy as well as price /volume banding (for new off-script users, Lot 2 is unlikely to be implemented for at least 2 years due to structure changes (e.g. unified budget, replacement ePACT system, voucher scheme etc).

The concurrent further competition tenders for each of the Consortia will be for Lot 1, additional further competitiions/direct awards can take place following award of the Framework Agreement for either Lot 1 or Lot 2.

For further information contact jeanetta.nelson@lpp.nhs.uk