London Regional Homecare Network

The London regional homecare network consists of trust homecare leads who meet to collectively improve standards and drive innovation across the London region

The London Regional Homecare Network (LRHN) meets every quarter to discuss homecare related issues. The scheduled meeting dates for 2019 are:

  • 26th March 2019
  • 25th June 2019
  • 24th September 2019
  • 17th December 2019


Members of the LRHN can work collaboratively via the regional workspace set up in Kahootz. This workspace provides a safe and secure place for the storage of homecare documentation as well as providing a forum for members to discuss issues. Access to this workspace is via invitation only. Click on the LRHN workspace link under related links and click "contact the site owner" to request access to this site. Access will only be granted to individuals with a valid NHS email and a job role which involves pharmacy homecare activities.





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