RPS Homecare Standards

The RPS standards provides a broad framework which supports the NHS pharmacy team involved in homecare services to deliver quality patient care¹

**** Content on this page is referenced from the RPS Homecare Handbooks and Professional Standards document****

The ultimate aim of the RPS homecare standards is to ensure patients experience a consistent quality of homecare services, irrespective of homecare provider or NHS organisation. The RPS standards are designed to be used in addition to relevant legal frameworks and the standards required by regulators and other relevant agencies

The benefit for the NHS in implementing the RPS professional standards for homecare are:

  • The organisation is providing a recognised standard of care
  • The standards provide a framework for quality that will help inform and support commissioning of or contracting for homecare services
  • Provides a consistent set of standards which can be used to develop professional practice, improve services and innovate
  • Provides a framework of standards for the pharmacy team that allows them to recognise, develop and deliver the best possible outcomes for homecare services


Figure 1: Delivering quality patient care through homecare service domains¹


Figure 2: RPS Homecare Service Standards1 



¹ RPS Professional Standards for Homecare Services In England (Sept 2013)



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