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Clinical Administrative and Information Systems (EPR)

NHS London Procurement Partnership offers a range of support with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (the CAIS consortia's lead organisation) on the CAIS Framework management and is focused on delivering benefits for all trusts needing to meet the 2015 deadline.

LPP is supporting more than 20 NHS community and mental health service provider trusts, and is engaging with consortia and non consortia trusts to promote and ensure that the benefits of the framework are realised by all users by working together. The aim is to provide NHS procurement expertise and to enable trusts to reach their final contract stage as smoothly as possible by proving detailed explanation of the process to contract award stage.

Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) was nominated as the lead organisation for the collaborative exercise which resulted in the award of a Framework Agreement in June 2013.

The agreement is comprised of three lots for the provision of:

  • Lot 1 a Patient Administration System/Electronic Patient Record (PAS/EPR) solution (the Application),
  • Lot 2 Hosting Services,and
  • Lot 3 an Integration/Interoperability Solution (Software and Services).

The consortia's Senior Responsible Office (SRO) Peter Gooch appointed LPP to establish and support trusts's use of the framework.

Supporting trusts to reprocure their EPR

As the 2015 deadline draws closer LPP is receiving more requests from trusts to assist them with their procurement. By working closely with the Consortia LPP is able give newly involved trusts the benefit of lessons learned therefore ensuring the process of re-procuring a CAIS EPR is fit for purpose and quality assured. LPP helps trusts as follows:

  • Advice and guidance to ensure that the framework complies with the relevant Public Sector and EU Procurement legislation
  • Post award: the ongoing management of the framework.
  • Support to trusts to run a further competition against the framework.
  • A model enabling trusts outside London to access the framework by becoming associate members of LPP.
  • Ad hoc specliast procurement support equating to three to five days per trust.