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NHS PFI Workshop

05 October 2017 - 10:00 to 13:00

Nowhere is the pressure on the protection of front-line services greater than in the provision of the nation’s healthcare. There should be no hiding place where costly inefficiencies may lurk. This is especially the case when looking critically at the considerable sums of money that are paid in relation to PFI/PPP projects, many of which are now out of line with current market practices and pricing.

CIPFA’s work has shown how dramatic, repeatable cost reductions of 5 to 10% of current unitary charge levels are achievable in practice.

Our experienced team of experts will host a workshop event to share lessons learned and to discuss how the challenges currently being faced by the NHS can be confronted with confidence. Presentation of the issues referred to in the programme below will be based on actual experience and the economies and improvements achieved in practice will be quantified wherever possible.

LPP's Senior Workstream Lead, Ed James, will also be presenting. The agenda is available to download.

For further information please email: shahajan.miah@lpp.nhs.uk




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