Working in partnership with the Crown Commercial Service: an inside look

At LPP we work hard to avoid duplicating our activities with those of other public sector procurement organisations, and to give the work we do the greatest potential to support the NHS nationally, as well as regionally.

So when the idea of ‘embedding’ a CCS professional into our team came about, we were keen to progress it. Emma Graham gives us an insight into the work she's been doing with LPP and what it's all for...

"The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is working with NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) to identify ways that together we can better support the NHS. My particular focus is in London. 

"As part of this partnership I have been on secondment to LPP from CCS since the start of January.

"Having spent a couple of months now getting to know my new colleagues at LPP and understanding more about their business, especially how they work with their members, I wanted to tell you more about how things are going."

A bit of background

"CCS, like LPP, helps organisations across the public sector save time and money on the procurement of common goods and services, but we know we can do more to help. We know that our customers are under significant pressure to save money; at the same time, many organisations have resource pressures so are forced to do more with less. In order to drive more efficiency in public sector procurement, CCS wants to get closer to its customers to understand the current objectives and challenges you face, as well as looking ahead to your longer-term sector specific strategies.

"I have worked at CCS as a relationship manager to the NHS for eighteen months, but I really wanted to get closer to the priorities and issues that the NHS faces, so I volunteered to work at LPP’s office in London to really understand how LPP supports its members and delivers savings, which are vital to the NHS. Ultimately identifying ways of bringing together the size, scale and category expertise of CCS and the member-focused approach of LPP."

What have I been doing?

"I have started by mapping out the CCS and LPP framework landscape to understand where we each have different offerings to the NHS - and where there is overlap.

"I want to complement the work LPP does to make sure that the NHS is aware of all the different agreements and services CCS provides, and we want your input into future strategies by telling us what CCS agreements need to look like to work better for the NHS.

"Over the coming months, I will be sharing regular updates via LPP’s newsletters and website to give you all the latest news on the work we are doing together and how we can help you. I will also continue to organise the workshops that CCS and LPP have been hosting for the last year – introducing you to category experts across our two organisations and showcasing current and future services."

Current opportunities

Mobile voice and data services aggregation 

"Something that CCS does very well is aggregation, which works by combining the requirements of a number of customers to drive down prices. A recent aggregated procurement achieved average savings of 61% on mobile voice and data services for customers. Many of you took part in one a while ago (NFC8), but most of those contracts will have expired now, so I want to ensure you’re all getting the best prices available in the market.

"Please look at the current mobile phone contracts you have in place and when they expire – many trusts have multiple contracts with multiple providers, which means you probably aren’t getting best value. As well as great savings, innovative contract terms mean you will be able to move your phone connections as and when existing contracts expire. So, please get in touch with me by the end of July if you would be interested in taking part in an aggregation in the autumn. LPP will be in touch over the coming weeks to ensure that you have the information you need to make the most of this opportunity."

Specialist courier services

"CCS and LPP have been working together on Specialist Courier Services (RM3899), which gives you access to a range of suppliers to help you put in place specialist and highly complex contracts for the movement of items and substances subject to stringent regulations and control. More information and documentation to support your procurement can be found on the LPP website."

New Microsoft agreement to improve cyber security

"Following close collaboration between CCS, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS Digital, the NHS has recently signed a national agreement with Microsoft to ensure all health and care organisations are able to use Windows 10 software with up-to-date security settings to help prevent cyber attacks.

Read more about the announcement

"To find out more about accessing the agreement please speak to the Microsoft partner who was successful in winning the tender."


Get in touch

"If you want to hear more about the CCS and LPP partnership, or if you have a particular interest in a certain category area, please get in touch with me. I’m in London 3-4 days a week and am happy to discuss how I can help you."

Emma /

07580 436117

22-05-18    LPP

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