Tom Wynne to join NHS Improvement as London Procurement Head

Tom Wynne, who has been Senior Workstream Lead for NHS London Procurement Partnership’s Medical and Surgical team for the past two years, has been appointed to the new NHS Improvement Regional Head of Procurement role for London.

Tom Wynne NHS London Procurement Partnership


This move is recognition of the excellent work undertaken by the LPP team under Tom’s leadership. During his time as Senior Category Manager and, following promotion, as Senior Workstream Lead, the team has grown to meet the increased demand from members for collaborative procurements which meet the needs of both clinicians,  procurement teams and other relevant stakeholders for quality products and services based on best patient outcomes and best value. In addition, Tom has overseen the successful collaboration between LPP and the other regional NHS procurement hubs under the umbrella of the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP). CPP’s work has seen the establishment of the Total Orthopaedic Solutions and the Total Cardiology Solutions frameworks, both of which have resulted in significant savings for NHS organisations across England. London alone saved £10m on cardiology spend in the first few months after the launch of the Total Cardiology Solutions framework.

As Managing Director Mario Varela says, “It is very encouraging to see Tom’s success continue with this move to such a high profile role. In it, he will be able to use his skills to influence and align the procurement agenda at a system wide level incorporating local, regional and national level requirements. We wish him well, and will look forward to welcoming him to LPP on the other side of the fence, as a user of our services and expertise”.

27-10-17    Medical Surgical Supply Chain

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