Digital Documents Solutions Framework (DDS)

NHS LPP has established a framework of suitably experienced, capable, qualified and resourced suppliers available for use by NHS trusts, foundation trusts, clinical commissioning groups, GP federations and other health and social care providers within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, as well as local authorities and other third sector organisations

Start: 01-10-21
End: 30-09-25
Contract type: Framework (Call Off)
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref:
Initial period (years): 4.00
Extensions remaining: 0.00
NHS LPP contact:
  • This framework will provide ultimate flexibility for supplier innovation, supplier growth and supplier-customer partnerships across the NHS and wider public sector.
  • Mechanisms will be put in place that will allow suppliers to approach LPP to compliantly add new products to their framework portfolio across the full range of different digital document solution types included within the scope of the framework.
  • The framework will also allow direct award from either a list price catalogue or as new modules, additional licenses and license and maintenance renewals for existing software included within the scope of the framework.
  • The catalogue list price direct award mechanism enables swift, efficient transformation and easier standardisation of care pathways across a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) or Integrated Care Systems (ICS); while retaining best value. Best value is ensured through direct award as the Example Local Requirements Tool encourages framework supplier soft market testing prior to award. This has been specifically designed to result in a transparent catalogue of national list pricing against a multitude of potential local requirement scenarios. Alternatively, best value can also be achieved via further competition.




The term “solution” shall refer to a particular type of Digital Document Solution deemed within the scope of the new framework.


The term “product” shall refer to a specific Digital Document package with fixed functionality against a given price.


LPP have achieved our vision of an innovative and agile route to market for digital document solutions through a single lot, outcome based framework structure. This allows suppliers to not only evolve the functionality of their existing product portfolio throughout the lifetime of the framework but also to expand their range into new solution areas. 


Under the framework there are 9 solutions detailed below:




Framework Solution Types



Framework Products


Internal Print

Multi-Function Devices, Printers, Maintenance and associated consumables, Print Audit, internal communication products and services.

External Print

Bulk printing of print stationary, including the design and storage.

Digital Mail Room

Hybrid Mail, Post Room, Digital Communication


Bulk scanning of documentation, including the collection, warehousing, scanning and destruction/return of paper based documentation. The ability to safely handle, manage and destroy personal sensitive data.

Document Storage

The storing of physical information in a safe and secure environment with the ability to return and/or destroy data where required. The ability to safely handle, manage and destroy personal sensitive data.

Electronic Document Record Management Solutions (EDRMS)

A system used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation Services with the ability to convert natural language in to text. These solutions must be able to recognize and convert complex clinical language and directly feed in to an electronic health record.

Workflow Processes

Solutions for automating document processing. Using predefined workflow templates and customisable scan workflows to streamline document processing and simplify daily routines with the ability to integrate with a range of both clinical and non-clinical solutions such as EPR and Clinical Portals.

Contract Centre

Solutions for handling both inbound & outbound calls, being able to manage a large volume of calls and a wide range of requests including forwarding calls to correct departments, taking messages and forwarding these on to correct recipients, dealing with appointment reminder requests. Outbound appointment reminders.



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