IAPT Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) Solutions

The London Digital Programme, part of Healthy London Partnership’s Mental Health Transformation programme, works collaboratively with a range of partners to optimise the use of digital to improve IAPT services and patient experience and outcomes. One of the key deliverables identified in the programme’s strategic plan is the implementation of a new commissioning structure for computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) solutions for IAPT services in London. NHS LPP has established a framework of suitably experienced, capable, qualified and resourced suppliers available for use by NHS trusts, foundation trusts, clinical commissioning groups, GP federations and other health and social care providers within the United Kingdom

Start: 03-10-22
End: 02-10-24
Contract type: Framework (Call Off)
Accessible to: All NHS
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref: 2022/S 000-009481
Initial period (years): 2.00
Extensions remaining: 2.00
NHS LPP Ref: LPP/2022/007
NHS LPP contact:
  • Aggregation of spend and leverage of the Government’s Treasury requirement to deliver better value for money and improves on cashable savings for the public sector (i.e. NHS).
  • Minimises duplication of effort and time taken within the procurement tendering process (for both members and suppliers).
  • Establishes strategic relationships with key suppliers to the public sector in order to gain better value for money, to take out excessive cost, improve performance and to align suppliers with the government and public sector organisational (i.e. NHS, local government) priorities.
  • The established framework is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations Act of 2015, thereby minimising any potential risk exposure.
  • The Framework will be managed and monitored by LPP.  In managing this Framework the views and requirements of members will be taken into account when reviewing and developing any future contracting arrangements.
  • The framework provides a list price catalogue of the full range of different cCBT solutions/products that are currently available. The pricing will be flexible in terms of permitting different solutions to outline options for purchasing their solutions, from the ‘basic product’ offering that meets the minimum specification requirements, to a full, ‘enterprise-wide’ offering.
  • Each product can have both a banded pricing option (based on usage uptake) and an enterprise pricing option (based on a limitless number of users). Please see  Appendix 1 for full details
  • This framework specification has been developed by the London IAPT Programme with a view to it being relevant to all IAPT services nationally.

There are 5 suppliers on the framework:



Consultant Connect

Wellmind Health

Minddistrict Ltd

Positive Rewards Ltd







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