Immersive, Simulation and Related Technologies Dynamic Purchasing System

The Immersive, Simulation and Related Technologies Dynamic Purchasing System provides the public sector an NHS England endorsed route to market for the procurement of education and training solutions. The DPS will facilitate delivery of national policy underpinning transformation in education delivery and enabling economies of scale, increasing public/private innovation partnership.

Start: 27-03-24
End: 26-03-26
Contract type: DPS
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref: 2023/S 000-033593
Initial period (years): 2.00
Extensions remaining: 2.00
NHS LPP Ref: NHS LPP/2022/012
NHS LPP contact: Shahajan Miah / 020 3007 0600 ext. 2051 /

Benefits to students:

  • Education at any time.
  • The use of virtual mentors able to track student progress and obtain real time instant feedback.
  • Peer to Peer global interaction.
  • Students have a say in their course programming and technology adoption.


Benefits to Higher Education Institutions:

  • Better student engagement through interaction with immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, simulation and related technologies.
  • Better student satisfaction rates, leading to increased funding for research, and a reduced attrition rate.
  • Students can communicate with subject specialists and teachers globally, enhancing their learning experiences.
  • High level of personalisation
  • Student involvement in the education process
  • Ability to detect students who are struggling before they fail
  • Automatic curriculum formation


Benefits to the NHS and social care:

  • Over 60% return on investment
  • Better use and distribution of funds to enhance learning outcomes
  • More dynamic and innovative commissioning programming
  • Better trained students
  • Consistency of quality of training across England 
  • Alignment with other key strategic areas such as the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan


Sub-category 1.1 – Part task, skills or procedural training technologies

Sub-category 1.2 – Immersive learning hardware

Sub-category 1.3 – Software and applications

Sub-category 1.4 – Content development

Sub-category 1.5 – Public, patient and service user education

Sub-category 1.6 – Research, innovation, and evaluation

Sub-category 1.7 – Professional services and technical support

Sub-category 1.8 –Support equipment and tools for cleaning and maintenance

To access a comprehensive list of suppliers awarded under each sub-category of the DPS, please complete and return the access agreement from the Supporting Information tab.

NHS LPP has developed a suite of template further competition documents for contracting authorities to utilize should they opt to do so.

It's important to note that suppliers can be added to a DPS throughout its lifespan. Therefore, if there's a supplier you wish to invite to participate in further competition but who isn't currently awarded on the DPS, they can apply to join by registering here and completing the online selection questionnaire (SQ).

Upon completion of the SQ, a supplier will typically be accepted within 10 working days, except in cases of new categories where a 30-day notice period is required before the evaluation of applications takes place.

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