OneLondon Local Health and Care Record Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

The aim of the Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) Programme is to create an information sharing environment that helps health and care services continually improve the treatments they use while ensuring that care is tailored to the needs of each individual, and can empower people to look after themselves better and make informed choices about their own health and care. As all of the NHS Trusts in London, including acute, community, mental health and ambulance are already NHS LPP members (as are all of the London CCGs), the OneLondon programme board approached NHS LPP to support them to access the advanced capabilities and infrastructure they require, while ensuring that vendors have the required experience and expertise in delivering integrated care and population health management solutions.

Start: 01-12-19
End: 30-11-24
Contract type: DPS
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref: 2019/S 222-544752
Initial period (years): 4.00
Extensions remaining: 1.00
NHS LPP Ref: DN441104
NHS LPP contact:

Overview of Dynamic Purchasing System 

The purpose of this national Local Health and Care Record DPS is to support engagement between technology suppliers and the LHCRE sites and provide a compliant route to market for the procurement of the technology solutions required to build and deliver the strategic plans of any existing and/or future exemplar sites as well as any other existing and/or future Health and/or Social Care record programmes.

The DPS will be accessible by a single drawdown authority in their own right or by a group of drawdown authorities looking to procure collaboratively. Examples of this include but are not limited to LHCREs, Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STPs) regions or Integration Care Systems (ICSs). In such circumstances the collaborative procuring group will have the option to either nominate a lead contracting authority or to hold their own individual call off contracts with a shared pricing model.




Sub-Category 1.1

 Supporting Effective Interface

Sub-Category 1.2

 The Provision of Cloud Hosting Solutions

Sub-Category 1.3

 Supporting Data Standards & Normalisation

Sub-Category 1.4

 Supporting Audit and Tracking

Sub-Category 1.5

 Supporting Strategic Transformation

Sub-Category 1.6

 Supporting Information Governance

Sub-Category 2.0

 Social Value Systems











Please note that we are adding additional categories to the DPS

In order to view the full list of suppliers you will be required to sign an Access Agreement with NHS LPP. Once this has been signed, you will also be able to access information around running a further competition through the DPS as well as template documentation which you are free to use at your discretion.

Therefore should there be a supplier that you would like to invite to further competition but are not presently awarded on to the DPS they can apply to join by registering at - and completing the online selection questionnaire (SQ).

Upon completion of the SQ a supplier will be accepted within 10 working days*

Please note that suppliers can continue to be added on to a DPS throughout its lifetime.

 *Unless applying for a newly added category where a 30 day notice period is required before evaluation of apps takes place.

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