The Health & Social Care Apps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

The Health & Social Care Apps DPS provides the public sector within the United Kingdom with a compliant route to market for the procurement of condition specific applications.

The NHS LPP Health and Social Care Apps DPS provides the public sector with a way to compliantly procure condition-specific apps to meet health and social care needs; supporting patients, clinicians and non-clinical staff.

The adoption of apps has already been proven to reduce GP visits, prevent costly trips to A&E, lower usage of prescription drugs and to help close the population health inequalities, delivering both direct and indirect savings and benefits.  

The DPS currently offers condition specific apps for:

Category 1 - Child Health 

Category 2 – Diabetes & Hormones

Category 3 - Heart / Blood Vessels

Category 4 – Mental Health

Category 5 – Pregnancy

Category 6 – Brain / Nerves*

Category 7 – Cancer*

Category 8 - Healthy Living*

Category 9 – Joints / Bone / Muscle*

Category 10 – Medicines and Clinical References*

Category 11 – Covid-19 – Support Solutions

Category 12 – Chest / Lung

Category 13 – Blood

Category 14 – Dental

Category 15 – Ear / Nose / Throat / Mouth

Category 16 – Education

Category 17 – Eyes

Category 18 – First Aid

Category 19 – Gastrointestinal

Category 20 – Kidney / Genito-Urinary

Category 21 – Men’s Health

Category 22 – Sexual Health

Category 23 – Skin

Category 24 – Tropical Diseases

Category 25 – Woman’s Health


Please note that we are adding additional categories to the DPS on a regular basis.

To view a full list of suppliers awarded under each sub-category of the DPS please visit - 

In order to view the full list of suppliers you will be required to register. Once registered you will also be able to access information around running a further competition through the DPS as well as template documentation which you are free to use at your discretion.

To access the documentation please select an app within the sub-category you are interested in then select the procure now badge.

Please note that suppliers can continue to be added on to a DPS throughout its lifetime.

Therefore should there be a supplier that you would like to invite to further competition but are not presently awarded on to the DPS they can apply to join by registering at - and completing the online selection questionnaire (SQ).

Upon completion of the SQ a supplier will be accepted within 10 working days*

All apps suppliers wish to supply through the DPS have gone through an ORCHA accreditation process and must maintain an accredited score of 65% or greater.

To find out more around the ORCHA accreditation process please visit -

*Unless a new category where a 30 day notice period is required before evaluation of apps takes place.


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