Analysis and Reconciliation

The Analysis and Reconciliation framework has been renewed with the new framework now running until February 2023. The framework has been refreshed and enhanced with 4 new lots being added and with full template ITQ packs available for Contracting Authorities.

Despite purchase to pay controls and invoice approval processes, errors in suppliers' charges for services and goods are often undetected, resulting in unnecessary and wasted expenditure. This is a replacement of the previous framework which realised in the region of £12 million p/a for LPP member trusts. 

This framework includes a number of providers who will: identify sources of lost cash, conduct audits of categories of spend, and recover overpayments.

  • Deliver immediate cash savings on a no win no fee basis
  • Enhance operational control and efficiency
  • Provide high value audit reporting over payment and purchasing operations
  • Provide key performance metrics and benchmarking
  • Save time and effort required for tendering any of the services under this agreement
  • Provide a fully EU compliant framework
  • Consistent terms and conditions of contract
  • Opportunity for further savings through further competition   
Lot 1 Telecommunication (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 2 Energy - Electricity and Gas (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 3 Water (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 4 Value Added Tax (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 5 Estates (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 6 Accounts Payable (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 7 Temporary Staffing (direct call off or mini competition)
Lot 8 Payroll
Lot 9  Contract Compliance
Lot 10  Software License Reviews
Lot 11 Managed Spend Reduction and Recovery Solutions


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