Apprenticeship Training Providers Dynamic Purchasing System

In April 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England changed - employers with a pay bill over £3 million per annum are required to contribute to an apprenticeship levy. Since 1st May 2017, employers have been able to use their levy funds to cover the costs of apprenticeship training, assessment and certification. Public sector organisations, including the NHS, will need to comply with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 when selecting a provider/assessment organisation, as well as adhere to their own organisational Standing Financial Instructions. The DPS has now been extended until April 2024.

Start: 03-04-17
End: 02-04-24
Contract type: DPS
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref: 2017/S 046-084770
Initial period (years): 5.00
Extensions remaining: 0.00
NHS LPP Ref: LPP/2017/005
NHS LPP contact: Risha Mehta / 020 3007 0600 ext. 3055 /

The Apprenticeship Training Providers Dynamic Purchasing System - open to all public sector bodies - was awarded on 3rd April 2017, and provides contracting authorities with a compliant and quick route to market to procure apprenticeship training provision. The DPS is not divided into lots but structured so that potential providers can select which of the training categories and regions they wish to be considered for, and to allow contracting authorities a choice of how best to approach the market.

The benefits for Contracting Authorities include:

  • Shortened procurement time as advertisement in OJEU and PQQ stage has already been undertaken.
  • The DPS encourages competition, as local providers can apply to join the DPS at any time during its period of validity.
  • Participating organisations can develop their own specification, based on pre-developed templates, to meet their own requirements. 
  • The very comprehensive specification for the DPS was created by NHS Education and Training leads.
  • Award criteria can be formulated more precisely for specific local contracts.
  • Award of individual tenders can be quicker than under some other procedures. The minimum time limit for return of tenders is 10 days.
  • Training providers have to meet minimum criteria to be awarded a place on the DPS - this ensures that only providers of sufficiently high quality apprenticeship delivery are invited to take part in mini competitions.
  • A full suite of mini competition templates is available to ease the competition process, and NHS LPP will provide help and support in running mini competitions.


For full information on how the DPS works please refer to the User Guide (see below).


The DPS is split into different categories of apprenticeships and into different regions. A map of the regional boundaries is attached in the Supporting Information box

The following apprenticeship categories are currently in scope of the DPS: 



Scheme Categories

 Adult Care (health & social care)

 Healthcare Support Worker (clinical healthcare support)

 Advanced Clinical Practitioner

 Hospitality and Catering

 AHP Support

 HR & Recruitment

 AHP Degree/Masters

 Leadership & Management

 Business Administration

 Management Degree/Masters

 Children’s & Young People Workforce

 Maternity & Paediatric Support

 Customer Services

 Midwifery degree apprenticeships

 Dental Nurses

 Network Engineer (IT Professionals)

 Digital Degree/Masters 


 Nursing Associate

 Digital Marketing

 Operating Department Practitioner

 Digital Services (IT, data analysis)

 Peri-operative Support

 Education and Training

 Pharmacy Services

 English & Maths Functional Skills


 Events Assistant

 Project Management

 Facilities Management

 Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

 Finance & Accountancy

 Registered Nurse Degree

 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

 Service Improvement

 Healthcare Science

 Specialist, Community and Public Health  Degree and Masters

 Healthcare Support Services




Selecting providers from the DPS to invite to Mini Competition

Contracting authorities must use the online search tool, available from the myLPP homepage, in order to determine which providers on the DPS must be invited to the mini competition. This online tool replaces the previous excel-based regional lists. As the list of qualified suppliers for each category may regularly change you should use the search tool immediately prior to issuing each mini competition. Instructions for using the online tool are available in the Supporting Information box.

If you are a contracting authority, delivering services as an Employer Provider, you may use the DPS in order to run a mini competition to contract with an End Point Assessment Organisation. Please contact LPP for a list of End Point Assessment Organisations who have been awarded to the DPS. 

Suppliers can apply by registering at and apply for Project Reference C59215.


This DPS will expire April 2024. 

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Benefits of Running a Further Competition
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Instructions for Using Supplier Selection Tool
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