Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems

The Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Systems framework helps publicly funded organisations in the drive towards service-user focused and patient-centric services.

Start: 15-04-19
End: 31-03-24
Contract type: Framework (Further Competition)
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: NHS Commercial Alliance
OJEU Award Ref: 2018/S 155-356156
Initial period (years): 3.00
Extensions remaining: 1.00
NHS LPP contact: Risha Mehta / 020 3007 0600 ext. 3055 /

Contracting authorities procuring through this framework can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Cost transparency through a clear pricing structure
  • The ability to select providers based on needs and support requirements
  • Compliance and consistency with NHS Terms and Conditions
  • Ability to direct award or procure via a mini competition
  • Legally compliant route to market

Additionally call-off order contracts awarded under the framework can be for up to eight years at the discretion of the Contracting Authority, who can take into consideration the type of support needed and the project complexity.


Lot 1 - Sustainable services modelling, design and leadership

Lot 2 - Strategy, system leadership, governance and integrated assurance

Lot 3 - Engagement and consultation, advisory, training and quality assurance partner

Lot 4 - Not awarded

Lot 5 - Specialist legal support and advice: service delivery and partnering

Lot 6 - Commercial, financial and related advisory services

Lot 7 - Procurement services

Lot 8 - Workforce transformation

Lot 9 - Organisational and back office efficiencies

Lot 10 - Communications and engagement delivery assurance

Lot 11 - Multi-disciplinary consultancy services

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