Waste Management Services Dynamic Purchasing System

NHS LPP have procured this Waste Management Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to replace the previous Waste Framework (LPP/2017/011) that expired in November 2021. This DPS provides all public sector organisations a compliant route to market for awarding contracts for waste treatment, collection and disposal services. A DPS offers the most flexibility to meet potential future changes affecting the NHS and wider public sector as new providers can apply to join the DPS at any time during its validity period. Contracts can either be awarded on a per Category basis or can be awarded as a fully managed service through Category 4.

Start: 18-11-21
End: 18-11-26
Contract type: DPS
Accessible to: All Public Sector
Authority: London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref:
Initial period (years): 5.00
Extensions remaining: 5.00
NHS LPP Ref: 2021004
NHS LPP contact: Risha Mehta / 020 3007 0600 ext. 3055 /
  • All suppliers appointed to this DPS provide comprehensive and innovative waste solutions and proactively assist Authorities to reduce the quantities of waste sent to landfill and achieve their recycling targets.
  • Suppliers provide transparent online reporting systems which identify the final destination for each waste stream showing whether it has been reused, recycled, recovered (waste-energy) or sent to land fill.
  • To provide a route to market for public sector organisations which will allow them to meet their current and future requirements in relation to Sustainability and the Zero-Carbon agenda and all other relevant green and environmentally conscience policies and guidance.
  • A new Waste Innovation Services Category for individual waste processing services outside of more traditional lift and disposal waste services. These are intended to include provision of on-site treatment equipment and solutions, provision of off-site treatment where insufficient space is available, onsite solutions for Food Waste - Aerobic composting, Alternative Treatment process
  • It is not possible at this stage to precisely define all possibilities however potential Categories could include - Recovery of energy from infectious / potentially infectious waste, transformation of hygiene waste into sustainable energy, re-use rather than disposal of items such as IT equipment, furniture and equipment, Reverse vending machines (RVM) for empty cans and plastic in return for a monetary or non-monetary reward, uniform destruction / recovery as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), Catering Oil recycling as biofuel.
  • All suppliers who have been awarded on to the DPS have already passed the first stage, the Cabinet Office Standard Questionnaire (SQ). This included supplier information, exclusion & selection criteria, economic & financial standing and technical & professional ability.
  • Please discuss any further requirements or any queries you may have regarding waste management and the DPS process with our Category Manager

The Waste Management Services DPS has been split into five categories and ten geographical regions 


Category 1 - General Waste & Recycling

Category 2 - Clinical, Hazardous and Radioactive Waste

Category 3 - Confidential Waste

Category 4 - Integrated Waste Management

Category 5 - Waste Innovation Services

Geographical regions


East of England


North East

North West

South East

South West

Northern Ireland




NHS London Procurement Partnership may add further categories later in the lifetime of the DPS. These are most likely to be specialist elements of the main waste streams, i.e. Offensive waste as a standalone or uniform shredding, as possible examples. This will be determined by the needs of our membership and the development of the market. 

As the list of qualified suppliers for each category may regularly change, please contact the framework manager for an up to date supplier list.

Suppliers that want to apply to the DPS are required to complete an online application on Atamis and should follow these instructions

1. Register for an account, or Login to Atamis here:

2. Go to 'Find Opportunities' within the supplier portal account and search for opportunity reference ID: C48834

3. Register interest in the opportunity above using the system

4. You must complete the online selection questionnaire 

Request a customer access agreement