Medium Value Works

NHS LPP developed this framework following an identified need for suitable routes to market for public sector construction projects valued £500,000 - £5,000,000. Cited reasons included a lack of contract structure flexibility and large project values on other frameworks, making projects under £5,000,000 less attractive.

The NHS and public sector as a whole continue to strive for better value for money,
improved quality, and increased performance in terms of time and productivity, to deliver
tangible savings and efficiencies. This framework will provide a flexible procurement
solution for public sector organisations when procuring works projects. By breaking
down contractors into relevant works categories, regions, and project value bands,
participating authorities can streamline the process of identifying the most appropriate
contractor for their project and maximise savings and project efficiencies.

Specific benefits include:

  • Standardised Forms of Contract
  • Simplifies the process for public sector organisations to procure works projects
  • Consolidates provider base – providing high quality providers to the public sector
  • Improves consistency of service delivery
  • Provides flexibility for NHS Trusts and the public sector as a whole
  • Engages Small to Medium Enterprises through the use of smaller value project bands
  • Open to all public sector organisations
  • Faster and less onerous than a full OJEU tender process
  • By using the framework there is no need for you to advertise your requirements separately
  • By following these guidelines you can ensure that you are adhering to EU & UK contracts regulations.

The framework has been split into 70 lots to cater to different work types, regions and efficiencies of projects at different values. There are seven regions and five work categories, two lots for each category.


London Region (A) North East Region (B) North West Region (C) Midlands Region (D)  East of England Region (E) South East Region (F) South  West Region (G)


LOT 1     General Building Works (£500k - £2M)

LOT 2     General Building Works (£2,000,001 - £5M)

LOT 3     Acute Environments Works (£500k - £2M)

LOT 4     Acute Environments Works (£2,000,001 -£5M)

LOT 5     Heritage Works (£500k - £2M)

LOT 6     Heritage Works  (£2,000,001 - £5M)

LOT 7     Mental Health Works (£500k - £2M)

LOT 8    Mental Health Works (£2,000,001 - £5M)

LOT 9    Modular Works (£500k - £2M)

LOT 10  Modular Works (£2,000,001 - £5M)



A&F Pilbeam Construction

 Dawnus Construction  Jeakins Weir  Rydon Group

Apex Construction

 Diamond Build  Kier Construction  Standage & Co
ARJ Construction  Elliott Group  Logan Construction  T&B Contractors
Aspect Building Solutions  Engie Regeneration  MTX Contracts  The McAvoy Group
BJF Connections   Ensigna Construction  Mulalley & Co  Thomas Sinden
Borras Construction  Extraspace Solutions  Novus Property Solutions  Vinci Construction
Brymor Construction  F Parkinson  Project7 Construction  Warden Construction


 Herbert T Forest  Quinn London  Western Building Systems
Clegg Construction  Hutton Construction  RG Carter Projects  Wildgoose Construction
Conamar Building  Jarvis Contracting  Robertson Construction  
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