Estates, Professional Services Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Benefits of the contract

NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations need flexibility to deliver estates professional services in the way they see fit for their site(s).

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) can be utilised by any public sector organisation. This includes NHS trusts (including Private Finance Initiative healthcare buildings and facilities), NHS collaborative procurement organisations, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England, NHS Property Services Ltd and other approved public sector organisations in England. Potential users of the DPS are identified in the OJEU Contract Notice.

A DPS was chosen as the most suitable commercial vehicle following feedback from NHS LPP member trusts and other potential users of the system.

Establishing a DPS with multiple providers helps create an environment which encourages fair competition, allowing potential providers to join at any time and choose whether to compete for all or any of the requirements for Estates Professional Services under the DPS for which they are considered suitable.

Potential providers who are successful in securing a place on the DPS will be entered onto a supplier list hosted on the Proactis (Due North) e-tendering portal. Contracting authorities will be given access to the supplier lists to source provision that meets their local business requirements.

Other benefits of the DPS include

  • Shortened procurement time as advertisement in OJEU and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire stage has already been undertaken
  • Encourages competition making it easier for local providers to get on to the DPS and join at any time during its period of validity
  • Contracting authorities can undertake a competition with a group of pre-qualified tenderers with all qualification documentation held centrally by NHS LPP
  • Award of individual tenders can be quicker than under some other procedures. The minimum time limit for return of tenders is 10 days
  • Award criteria can be formulated more precisely for specific local contracts, adapting the NHS LPP templates as appropriate
  • Suppliers don’t have to demonstrate suitability and capability every time they wish to compete for a public sector contract
  • Suppliers may join the DPS at any time during its period of validity so they are not locked out
  • More accessible for SMEs.


Contract description

The DPS for Professional Services is expected to run for a period of 4 years, from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2021. Applicants need to register as a supplier with Proactis / Due-North via NHS London Procurement Partnership members’ e-sourcing portal - Once registered on Proactis (or if already registered with Proactis) suppliers can then apply for the NHS London Procurement Partnership Estates Professional Services Dynamic Purchasing System - Project information - DN484785

DPS Work Categories

 Acoustic & Vibrations Consultancy  Built Environment Consultancy & Workplace Transformation    Electrical Services  FM & Building Operations & asset Management Property Acquisition & Advisory Management 
 Air Systems Consultancy  CDM Coordinator  Energy Conservation  Geo-Thermal Surveys  Rents & Rate Review
 Architecture  Civil & Structural Engineering  Energy Procurement  Healthcare Planning  Security Consultancy
 Asbestos Surveys  Cost Planning  Environmental Impact assessments  Life Cycle Planning & Management  Topographical, Building/ Infrastructure/ Site Surveys
 Authorising Engineers & Regulatory Consultancy  CRU & EU ETS Equality Act & DDA Consultancy  Lift Consultancy  Waste Consultancy
 Breem Assessments  Drone Surveys  Estates Strategy & Business Development  Lighting Consultancy  Water Hygiene & Legionella Risk Assessment and Consultancy Services
 Building Surveying  Ecology & Biodiversity  Fire Consultancy  Project Management  


As the list of qualified suppliers for each lot may regularly change, please contact the framework manager for an up to date supplier list.


Contract Overview
Start 01-04-17
End 31-03-21
Contract Type DPS
Accessible to All Public Sector
Authority London Procurement Partnership (GSTT)
OJEU Award Ref 2017/S 041-075014
Initial Period (Years) 4.00
Extensions remaining 0.00
LPP Contact Simon Williams
LPP Ref LPP/2017/001
Supporting information