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Medicines Optimisation & Pharmacy Procurement

The Medicine Optimisation and Pharmacy Procurement (MOPP) team is made up of clinical specialists who support medicines optimisation through a pan-London approach aligned with the national priorities of quality, safety and value. With a ‘do once and share approach’, our team examines patient pathways to improve patient care and population health, by promoting equity and reducing unwarranted variation across the system. The team works closely and in collaboration with the integrated care systems, clinical networks, NHS England, Academic Health Science Networks and others across the health care system. To inform their decisions, the team has access to NHS business intelligence to provide dashboards and benchmarking to trusts. Having access and analysing specialist pharmacy data and other resources, not readily available to individual organisations. Regional and national pharmacy frameworks are available within the portfolio of work delivered by the team and these are produced based on the needs identified by local NHS organisations.

Our team can work with you to:

  • Access frameworks for medicines and services
  • Use dashboards and benchmarking to drive decision making
  • Reduce duplication in the system
  • Standardise services and patient experience to align with other NHS organisations across London
  • Support medicines optimisation across patient pathways.


Pharmacy Procurement live contracts
Medicines Procurement: Provision of Low, Mid and High Tech Homecare Services
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Medicines Procurement: Radiopharmaceuticals and associated consumables
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Medicines Procurement: NHS LPP Framework for Parenteral Nutrition Products
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Medicines Procurement: Supply and rental of compressed medical gas cylinders and the provision of cylinder asset tracking systems
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Medicines Procurement: NHS LPP Framework Agreement for the Transport of Medicines from NHS Hospitals to Patients
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Medicines Procurement: NHS LPP Framework Agreement for the Provision of X-Ray Contrast and Scan Media
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Medicines Procurement: Clinical Digital Solutions Framework (CDS) - Pharmacy System Solutions
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Medicines Procurement: Framework for Pharmaceutical Services
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Medicines Procurement: Framework for the Provision of Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Services
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Meet our team and contact us
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Jas Khambh
Chief Pharmacist

Herpria Bhogal
Regional Pharmacy Procurement Clinical Lead

Rebecca Fisher
Allied Health Professional Prescribing and Procurement Advisor/Dietitian

Kalveer Flora
Senior Pharmacist

Denise Rosembert
Assistant Director for Medicines Optimisation

Nilton Melo
Pharmacy & Medicines Procurement Category Lead

Ashifa Trivedi
Pharmacist Clinical Fellow

Dr Shahid Malik
Strategic Health Economist