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Homecare in London

NHS LPP has been providing support for member trusts to manage homecare services by providing centralised contracting of services and supplier engagement and management on a regional basis.

The Hackett report was published in 2011 after a yearlong review of the NHS Homecare medicine services. The report acknowledges the ability of homecare medicine services to help transform the lives of patients who suffer from chronic or long term stable conditions.

In response to the Hackett report, the Professional Standards for Homecare Services were developed by the Homecare Standards Workgroup. The aim of the standards is to ensure that patients receive safe, effective care from trust and supplier homecare services.

  • What are the benefits of homecare to patients?

  • Faster access to treatment and improved treatment outcomes

  • Reduces the number of hospital appointments the patient must attend to continue treatment

  • Time and economic savings - fewer parking charges!

  • Greater control over treatment and integration with daily life commitments

  • Confidential and discreet service


What are the benefits of using LPP frameworks for trusts?

  • NHS LPP procurement process is led by clinical standards with member and stakeholder engagement
  • Trusts can benefit from a compliant route to market for homecare services
  • Contracts are guaranteed to adhere to all relevant legislation
  • Supplier performance and management for services under the LP framework is monitored on an ongoing basis by NHS LPP
  • Products dispensed under current legislation are zero rated for VAT



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