Contracting Homecare Medicine Services

All homecare medicine services provided for the NHS must be covered by an appropriate contract to comply with best practice and the RPS professional standards

**** Content on this page is referenced from the RPS Homecare Handbooks and Professional Standards document****


All NHS contracts for goods or services are awarded using NHS terms and conditions which was updated in January 2018 to reflect changes in government policy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

Public procurement law regulates the purchasing of contracts for goods, works or services by public sector organisations like the NHS. When an organisation is unsure about what goods/services they are likely to need then they can set up a group of approved suppliers they can use when necessary. This is called a ‘framework agreement’.

In the case of pharmaceutical company funded homecare services, the pharma company chooses the service provider(s) and level of service to be provided. The service price is included in the purchase price of the medicinal product.

Framework agreements establish a pricing structure/mechanism that will be applied to pricing particular requirements during the period of the framework. LPP frameworks provide a compliant route to market for services/products where the value of the procurement exceeds specific financial thresholds. By using the LPP framework, member trusts benefit from instant and legally compliant access to contracts without the need to run their own individual procurement exercises.

General principles for homecare tenders

  • Evaluation phases of the tendering process must be well established and defined

  • Adjudication criteria should be given an weighting to indicate the elements of services which are important to the overall service delivery

  • Tenders and adjudication questions should be written in a manner which minimises the risk of excluding new suppliers

  • There should not be a need for additional adjudication questions/criteria over and above the original service specification if the scoping exercise was through

  • Care should be taken to avoid over-specification of service elements and the adjudication assessment process must deliver the outcomes anticipated in the homecare service aims.


NHS LPP Homecare Medicine Service Contracts

NHS LPP has established frameworks for the following homecare medicine services

  • Erythopoiesis Stimulating Agent (ESA)
  • Hepatitis B & C 
  • HIV
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Oral Chemotherapy


For LPP members with a login, further information about these frameworks can be found using the "Frameworks" search page or following the supporting information links


If you work for a member trust and would like a login, please send a message through our website



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¹ RPS Professional Standards for Homecare Services In England (Sept 2013)


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