NHS LPP National Framework Agreement for Nitric Oxide Therapy

NHS LPP has launched the National Framework Agreement for Nitric Oxide Therapy to help trusts safely and efficiently procure all products needed for the supply of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a medical gas commonly used in intensive care units to treat pulmonary hypertension. This framework provides a flexible procurement solution for public sector organisations when procuring nitric oxide

Specific benefits of the framework include:

  • Direct award option
  • Standardised forms of contract
  • Simplify the procurement process for public sector organisations to procure nitric oxide
  • Discounted prices under certain conditions
  • Streamlined contract management process for the overarching framework

The framework has been split into 2 lots, however contract was awarded for Lot 1 only:

Lot 1 a complete system to deliver Nitric Oxide Therapy that includes nitric oxide in cylinders, delivery and monitoring devices and all ancillary equipment, maintenance and consumables.

Lot 2 was for the monitoring and delivery devices for use in aircraft and ambulances, however no bid was submitted for this particular lot.


  • BOC Ltd
  • BTG Gases
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Nitric Oxide Framework User Guide
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Nitric Oxide Therapy Framework Access Agreement
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