Outpatient Pharmacy Framework Agreement

The framework agreement enables NHS organisations to accelerate and streamline the procurement process for the outsourcing of outpatients pharmacy dispensing services, thereby allowing for early realisation of benefits. The framework agreement commences on 2nd January 2017 and lasts for four years.

The recently published report from Lord Carter entitled “Operational Productivity and Performance in English NHS Acute Hospitals: Unwarranted Variations” focussed on Hospital Pharmacy activities within the section concerning optimising clinical resources. The report recommends that trusts develop Hospital Pharmacy Transformation plans (HPTPs)  “ensuring that more than 80% of trusts’ pharmacist resource is utilised for direct medicines optimisation activities, medicines governance and safety remits while at the same time reviewing the provision of all local infrastructure services, which could be delivered collaboratively with another trust or through a third party provider”

Furthermore, the report mentions that where a trust has not already outsourced its outpatient’s pharmacy dispensing service (OPD), the HPTP should include a review of OPD, including consideration of alternative supply routes. 

With an increasing number of NHS organisations looking to generate efficiencies and service improvements in Outpatient Pharmacy Dispensing, LPP has awarded a framework agreement for outsourcing of these services where an NHS organisation chooses this option.

Accessible only through further competition, the framework agreement allows for a degree of standardisation of headline governance and outline specification. Furthermore LPP has created a further competition tool kit for organisations wishing to use the framework agreement, thereby seeking to standardise the approach so simplifying processes for suppliers and NHS organisations alike.

Please refer to the briefing document linked to this page for further information regarding access to the framework agreement.

NHS LPP hosts an Outsourced Outpatient Contract Managers Group (OOCMG) for trusts who are managing an outsourced OPD. This provides a forum for trusts to discuss issues and innovations and to collaborate to reduce unwarranted variations in the management of services. If you wish to join the OOCMG then please contact




Published 19th April 2016

Last updated 17th October 2010


Framework agreement for the provision of outpatients pharmacy dispensing services. The following services are within scope of the framework agreement:

(a) Outpatient Pharmacy dispensing services

(b) Emergency Department dispensing services

(c) Provision of Retail Pharmacy services

(d) Outpatients Pharmacy dispensing Home Delivery Service

(e) Discharge to take out or take away (TTO/TTA) Medicines Dispensing

The following suppliers are available via the framework agreement

  • LPP2016/009/001 - Fairview Health Partnerships Ltd
  • LPP2016/009/002 - LloydsPharmacy
  • LPP2016/009/003 - Rowlands Pharmacy


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