RightBreathe is a website and mobile app created to inform the selection, prescribing, and on-going use of inhalers. The aim is to share information to help deliver better clinical outcomes, improve quality of life for patients with respiratory disease and provide better value for money for the health economy.

RightBreathe provides information which helps clinicians optimise the choice and use of medicines in this increasingly complicated area. It has been developed by NHS clinicians and Pharmacists with user testing by patients and clinicians. RightBreathe reduces the time and effort needed by clinicians to understand prescribing options and gives them a resource to share with patients to help them optimise their own inhaler technique.

RightBreathe details specific, tailored information on every inhaler and spacer device licensed in the UK for treating asthma and COPD in a standardised format, of assured quality. It maps all of the options against any relevant local (London), national, or international prescribing pathways, and reduces the complexity of decision making for clinicians.

To explore RightBreathe go to www.rightbreathe.com. The apps can be downloaded from the App store or GooglePlay. RightBreathe is the only freely available tool that contains prescribing information for every inhaler device available to prescribe in the UK and links to all inhaler technique videos on YouTube.

Please contact Matthew Harrison, Principal Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, at matthew.harrison@lpp.nhs.uk with any queries.

Development of RightBreathe was supported and continues to be managed by NHS London Procurement Partnership.



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