Tailored for senior NHS leaders in London-based member trusts and ICBs, this Pre-onboarding session provides a comprehensive introduction to NHS LPP’s Social Value Curriculum.

Session objectives
The Curriculum is designed to equip NHS Leaders' teams with the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainability and social value to enable them to meet legislative requirements, and effectively contribute to the NHS's net zero goals by 2045.

Offered free of charge to members of NHS LPP, the Social Value Curriculum has been developed to upskill teams that are involved in the procurement and management of NHS contracts.

This pre-onboarding session will provide an overview of the pan-London approach to social value in the NHS, imparting the general level of awareness required at leadership level. An outline of the three ‘deep-dive’ curriculum modules constructed for their teams will also be presented. Senior leaders will then be invited to:

  • act as a catalyst for change by advocating for social value in their organisation,
  • embrace the support the Social Value Curriculum provides for their staff, and
  • direct their people to participate in the curriculum modules in order to accelerate NHS London’s capability in social value.

This interactive one-hour session will be facilitated with a special focus on organising participants into small groups based on their respective NHS trusts. Each group will consist of individuals working within the same NHS trust as far as practically possible. The content delivered will be customised to the trust’s geographic location - ‘place’. Time is allocated for audience Q&As.

Who should attend?
Senior directors, managers and team leaders in NHS procuring organisations with decision-making authority and people responsibility in procurement, sourcing and commercial teams.

Learning outcomes
By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain how social value aligns with the NHS and London regional priorities
  2. Articulate the pan-London approach to social value in the NHS
  3. Describe the requirements, roles and responsibilities regarding social value in the NHS
  4. Engage with the timeline for the forthcoming curriculum modules implementation and support

How NHS Leaders can register for Pre-onboarding sessions

Simply email and we'll take care of your request.    

What's included in our Social Value Curriculum?  

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