02 July 2020, NHS LPP Bulletin

NHS LPP is continuing to ensure the NHS gets the business advice and support it needs to deal with coronavirus. Please see below for our fortnightly Bulletin outlining how we are supporting trusts to respond to COVID-19.

Please read NHS LPP's 2nd July Fortnightly Bulletin.

In addition, we have a developed a number of resources to assist the NHS in responding to COVID-19. Please see below for additional resources to support you and your business.

Our work with suppliers

We have contacted our supplier base to request their resilience plans (available to NHS LPP members only) to share with our members. NHS LPP, has also identified more than 100 critical suppliers (available to NHS LPP members only) who we have contacted to seek answers to targeted questions on behalf of our members. Please see our COVID-19 critical supplier Q&A (available to NHS LPP members only) for the questions and responses we have received so far.

To support both our members and the wider NHS we have compilled a list of special offers from suppliers, including free DBS checks and free NHS staff parking. Along with reviewing articles and briefings by legal firms covering different COVID-19 related topics to create a legal article repository for trusts seeking legal guidance.  This new resource includes links to articles spanning clinical, IT, contract management, HR and estates and procurement.

Your questions answered

Our team have been supporting members and suppliers with answers to their questions. In addition to this, we have developed a list of useful contacts to support the NHS during this time .