Enhancements to the NHS London Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) 2022 framework to bring additional benefits to members and suppliers

Incorporating social value into NHS contracts is a key priority at NHS London Procurement Partnership and we are here to support both members and suppliers in ensuring social value is at the forefront of their work.

That is why we have recently reviewed the NHS London Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) 2022 framework to incorporate a total of 55 measures, including more measures with financial proxy values to quantify more outcomes. This allows members to measure the impact of social value commitments in pounds over four themes to address current social issues and priorities, including tackling economic inequality, equal opportunity, wellbeing and fighting climate change.

The measurement framework, which is now ready to be used by NHS LPP members and suppliers, was enhanced following detailed analysis carried out by the NHS LPP Sustainability and Social Value team and following feedback from members, who requested more measures focusing on digital skills development, recycling rates and community engagement.

The National TOMs is a widely recognised framework, spearheaded by the Social Value Portal, for the measurement and reporting of social value. The NHS London TOMs 2022 measurement framework adopts this national approach and has tailored it to align with NHS England’s national priorities on social value.

The framework is based on the PPN 06/20 Social Value Model, whilst incorporating measures from the National TOMs, Facilities Management TOMs, Real Estate TOMs and GLA TOMs to create a hybrid model, to address the social value priorities in London.

Other key benefits of the enhanced measurement framework include offering more choice and flexibility for suppliers and an enhanced process on how members can measure and record social value impact.

Siarah Meah NHS LPP Social Value Manager, said: “The Social Value framework will help improve the outlook for local communities, for example through employment or education opportunities”.

“So we’re very pleased to have enhanced the measurement framework to help our NHS members and suppliers create a positive impact on social value in their work. The measurement framework has been designed to align with NHS, London and ICS policies and priorities, ensuring suppliers’ social value activities are targeted and meaningful.”

If you are a NHS LPP member or a supplier and interested in seeing how this pan-London approach to social value can support your organisation to deliver social value, please do not hesitate get in touch with Siarah Meah, NHS LPP Social Value Manager, via Siarah.Meah@lpp.nhs.uk.