Jackie Eastwood to speak at Clinical Pharmacy Congress

Jackie Eastwood, LPP's Outsourced Medicines Supply Services Lead, will be speaking at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress on 27th and 28th April 2018.

Jackie is an experienced hospital pharmacist with a background in technical and clinical pharmacy services to patients. She has specialised in intestinal failure and nutrition for 17 years, liaising with homecare companies providing services to these patients. She was the Chairman of the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group for six years before stepping down in 2014. She is currently chair of the stakeholders group for the national framework for home parenteral nutrition, co-chair of the Outsourced Outpatient Contract Managers Group, and a member of the National Homecare Medicines Committee. She is the lead for outsourced medicine supply services which includes homecare medicines and outsourced outpatient dispensing services across London. 

Jackie will be discussing cost-effective dispensing routes. In the current NHS climate, commissioners are asking trusts to review the route of dispensing for high cost medicines to ensure the most cost effective routes are used, while ensuring good quality of care. There is sometimes confusion about which route is best, and the options benefits and the risks of each option. The Medicines Optimisation Clinical Reference Group set up a task and finish group to produce guidance to help support this decision making.  

To view the event's agenda and book your place, please visit https://www.pharmacycongress.co.uk/


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