Mobile telephony aggregation underway

Following on the heels of the successful mobile telephony auction run in August 2014 and achieving savings of more than 60% comes a second auction dedicated to the NHS.

In August 2014, seven LPP member trusts participating in the Demand Aggregation Pilot signed up to a mobile voice and data services e-auction run under Lot 6 of the CCS PSN Framework. Those Trusts achieved an average saving of more than 60 per cent, equivalent to £1.6m saved for the NHS. 

A second auction will be dedicated to the NHS and run by the Crown Commercial Services' ICT aggregation team with the support of LPP and the other NHS collaborative procurement hubs, to make it as big an opportunity for everyone as possible.

The greater the volume of business offered, the greater the competition, and the lower the resulting price.

A draft MOU outlining the principles under which the project will operate is available for trusts to sign - the deadline for receipt of signed MOUs is 24th February. In addition, a workshop at LPP’s Great Dover Street offices is being arranged. Category Manager Tony Nwagbolu is managing the process on LPP's behalf. 

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