NHS LPP embrace the 'Reduce, Revamp, Reuse' sustainability challenge

Colleagues at NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) have been set a challenge to reduce, reuse and revamp items which are still usable or in a fixable condition as part of the Greener LPP campaign to encourage more sustainable choices both at home and at work.

The challenge comes as part of the wider Greener LPP work – a campaign introduced earlier this year to encourage staff to think about how they can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The new ‘Reduce, Reuse, Revamp’ theme was introduced at the latest organisation-wide staff meeting and created enthusiastic discussion around the resources that can support us to revamp and reuse items in our homes rather than dispose of them in landfill.

Michelle McCann, Executive Director for Sustainability and Social Value, said: “Many of us have been guilty in the past of throwing away a perfectly fine or fixable item because we have no use or room for it. For this Greener LPP theme we wanted to promote just how many fantastic resources are out there to help us revamp and reuse items rather than simply throwing them away.”

The NHS LPP campaign aligns with the wider Greener NHS campaign, which was launched last year to reduce the impact on public health and the environment, save money and reach net zero carbon.