Suppliers are invited to apply for the Immersive, Simulation & Related Technologies DPS

Potential suppliers offering simulation, immersive and related technologies are invited to apply for the Immersive, Simulation and Related Technologies Dynamic Purchasing System.

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides an approved procurement channel for health and care and education providers, including all public sector bodies, to access simulation, immersive and related technologies. This will accelerate and scale their adoption, drive maximum benefit into education and training and solve workforce challenges.

The DPS is a partnership between NHS England and NHS London Procurement Partnership.

This framework predominantly supports on education and training, with the following sub-categories identified as areas where the use of different technologies can be used to improve education and training for healthcare professionals and students:

  • Part task, skills or procedural training technologies
  • Immersive learning hardware
  • Software and applications
  • Content development
  • Public, patient and service user education
  • Research, innovation, and evaluation
  • Professional services and technical support
  • Support equipment and tools for cleaning and maintenance.

Successful bidders will be supported in establishing strategic relationships with the public sector. The project aims to facilitate relationships between key suppliers and the public sector in order to gain better value for money, take out excessive cost, improve performance and align suppliers with the government and public sector organisational (i.e. NHS, local government) priorities.

If you are an interested supplier, for more information please contact our team directly.