Management Consultancy

Lot 5 (HR) of Crown Commercial Service's Management Consultancy framework is a part of the Workforce Alliance's Workforce Support Services portfolio. 

This framework provided management consultancy advice and has an increased number of suppliers including smaller suppliers. 

The agreement is designed to help customers to be more efficient in buying consultancy by pooling requirements. The revised lots are a hybrid of functional and sector-specific consultancy. It provides a simple and compliant route to market via further competition for a range of consultancy advice and audit requirements.

Benefits include: 

  • wide range of suppliers from SMEs to large multinationals
  • all suppliers are Cyber Essentials accredited
  • standard terms and conditions
  • competitive market rates
  • maximum rates fixed for the life of the agreement and your project providing budgetary control
  • no minimum or maximum value thresholds this means you can use the agreement regardless of project size
  • comprehensive customer guidance and templates
  • choice of pricing models including: time and materials, fixed, or risk and reward
  • a tool to help you shortlist suitable suppliers
  • dedicated and knowledgeable contract management team to support you

Lots include: 

  • Lot 1 - Business
  • Lot 2 - Strategy & Policy
  • Lot 3 - Complex & Transformation
  • Lot 4 - Finance
  • Lot 5 - HR
  • Lot 6 - Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Lot 7 - Health, Social Care & Community
  • Lot 8 - Infrastructure including Transport
  • Lot 9 - Environmental Sustainability & Socio-economic Development



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