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At NHS LPP we pride ourselves on working with the very best suppliers for the benefit of the NHS and its patients. We highly value the suppliers we work with because we know they share our high standards and we support their innovation, their knowledge and contribution to the NHS as a whole.


As a supplier working with NHS LPP, you will receive excellent business opportunities, support from our team of experts and other benefits specific to your product or service.  

In simple terms, our agreements provide NHS and other public sector organisations with list of pre-qualified suppliers that can bid for work around a specific group of services - buyers then award individual contracts throughout the lifetime of the framework. This means suppliers on our frameworks benefit from reduced market competition, as only those who have been awarded a place on the agreement are invited to tender for new business opportunities.

Our agreements are trusted and used by a large number of NHS organisations – for example, our clinical staffing framework is used by 90% of trusts in London. The agreements are also accessible by all public sector bodies in the UK and are used by other organisations such as universities, local authorities and central government.

We keep any Activity Based Income (ABI) charges at, or below the market rate and as an NHS organisation, all ABI generated from our work with suppliers is reinvested back into the NHS - either to NHS LPP to help with our work to support trusts, or to the trusts themselves.

For more information please refer to the links to further resources for suppliers on this webpage. For enquiries please contact:

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