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The NHS LPP Sustainability and Social Value team provides expertise and support to reduce carbon emissions, encourage value-for-money, and increase social value additionality across NHS and wider public sector procurements. The focus is to provide solutions that help trusts reduce carbon emissions in line with the NHS goal to be the first carbon neutral healthcare system; this will improve air quality and, in turn, reduce hospital admissions in the future. Our team also seeks to encourage the adoption of social value into all NHS procurements via the development of NHS London TOMs in collaboration with Social Value Portal which will reduce health inequalities and further improve the health of the population. Our team has expert knowledge of new, rapidly changing fields within sustainability and social value and is equipped to implement innovative, first-rate solutions which deliver savings, reduce carbon emissions, and bring benefits to local communities.

Our team can work with you to:

  • Reduce trust carbon emissions in line with NHS goals to have a carbon neutral NHS Carbon Footprint by 2040 and a carbon neutral NHS Carbon Footprint Plus by 2045
  • Deliver social value as part of trust procurements to provide benefits to local communities and reduce health inequalities
  • Reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain, which accounts for roughly 60% of NHS carbon emissions
  • Train procurement staff and suppliers in understanding and applying social value in procurement
  • Explore opportunities for on-site renewables
  • Analyse and evaluate suppliers’ social value commitments, delivery, and social return.

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Please contact for any questions regarding our work on sustainability.

Please contact for any questions regarding our work on social value.

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Siarah Meah
Social Value Manager

Simon Rowland
Sustainability Manager

Sarah Corbo
Interim Social Value Manager

Vanessa Nelson
Sustainability and Social Value Data Analyst

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