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  -   NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework
  -   Insourced Services to support the Provision of Healthcare Services
  -   Learning and Training Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Workforce Technology
  -   -   Workforce Alliance Data and Application Solutions
  -   Workforce Improvement Services
  -   Permanent Recruitment 2
  -   Workforce Alliance
  -   -   Workforce Alliance Clinical and Healthcare Staffing Framework
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  -   -   International Recruitment
  -   -   Workforce Support – Occupational Health Framework
  -   -   Flexible Resource Pools
  -   -   Workforce Support Services
  -   -  -   Managed Learning Services
  -   -  -   Permanent Recruitment Solutions
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  -   Apprenticeship Training Providers Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   CPC Drive
  -   Language Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Legal Services
  -   Payroll Services
  -   Statutory Audit and Multi-Specialty Audit Services
  -   Non-Emergency Transport and Other Transport Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Supplementary Mental Health Placements
  -   Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems
  -   Analysis and Reconciliation
  -   NHS LPP / London Energy Project (LEP) Utility agreements (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  -   Minor Works and Maintenance Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Estates & Facilities Consultancy Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Waste Management Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Modular/Pre-Fabricated Building Solutions
  -   Linen and Laundry Dynamic Purchasing System
  -   Total Facilities Management Framework
  Medicines Optimisation & Pharmacy Procurement
  -   Medicines Optimisation
  -   Medicines Procurement
  -   -   NHS LPP Framework for Parenteral Nutrition Products
  -   -   Patient Access Scheme(s) Project
  -   -   NHS LPP Framework Agreement for the supply and rental of compressed medical gas cylinders and the provision of cylinder asset tracking systems
  -   -   NHS LPP National Framework Agreement for Nitric Oxide Therapy
  -   -   NHS LPP Framework Agreement for the Transport of Medicines from NHS Hospitals to Patients
  -   -   NHS LPP Framework Agreement for the Provision of X-Ray Contrast and Scan Media
  -   -   Clinical Digital Solutions Framework (CDS) - Pharmacy System Solutions
  -   -   Framework for Pharmaceutical Services
  -   -   Framework for the Provision of Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Services
  -   Briefing for Senior NHS Managers - Understanding medicines expenditure and savings data reported by NHS London Procurement Partnership
  -   Rightbreathe
  -   Primary Care Rebate Schemes
  -   -   Primary Care Rebate Schemes Sub-group
  -   -  -   PCRS Sub Group Meeting Agendas
  -   -  -   Completed Primary Care Rebates Checklists
  -   Diabetes
  -   -   Insulin Pump Commissioning Recommendations
  -   -   FreeStyle Libre
  -   -   Continuous Glucose Monitoring Commissioning Recommendations
  -   Nutrition
  -   -   Paediatric Nutrition Products
  -   -   Pricing information
  -   -   Nutritional prescribing at discharge project
  -   -   Nutrition workstream archive
  Clinical Digital Solutions
  -   Clinical Digital Solutions Framework (CDS)
  -   Clinical Digital Professional Solutions Framework (CDPS)
  -   Information Management & Technology (IM&T)
  -   The Health & Social Care Apps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  -   OneLondon Local Health and Care Record Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  -   Digital Documents Solutions Framework (DDS)
  -   IAPT Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) Solutions
  Professional Services
  Business Intelligence
  -   Benchmarking & Analytics Service
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