P4H England 2023 reflections: driving positive change within the healthcare sector

In collaboration with the four regional NHS procurement hubs, we are delighted to share our experience at P4H England 2023, held at the NEC in Birmingham on 12th July 2023. This established healthcare procurement event brings together England's healthcare buyers and suppliers, fostering a platform for growth and innovation in the sector.

P4H England 2023 exceeded expectations, providing an extensive range of resources for developing knowledge through the engaging Skills Development Zones, the inspiring Keynote Speaker Arena and the variety of exhibitors showcasing their services and products.

Our enthusiastic team of representatives, hailing from all four procurement hubs, engaged in meaningful conversations, bringing the essence of NHS procurement to both suppliers and fellow procurers. It was great to connect with so many and to exchange ideas that have the potential to drive the sector forward in our collaborative exhibition space.

We were delighted to be invited to share our knowledge and expertise on the P4H England speaker line-up this year. Michelle McCann, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at NHS LPP delivered a compelling update on sustainability and social value in the London region. Her insights into the progress made against the social value pledges from 2022 left a lasting impression on the audience, inspiring further action on both strategic and practical fronts.

Meanwhile, Ruth Burns and Sharon Lokko, Supplier Relationship Managers from NOE CPC and NHS LPP featured in the Supplier Bid Skills Development Zone. Together, they detailed what the NHS is looking for in suppliers and how we’re engaging far more and far earlier with suppliers to provide the right services for NHS trusts to enable them to focus on delivering even better patient care.

As well as gaining access to new clients, suppliers and procurers received a wealth of information from the talks and presentations throughout the day, helping attendees gain a deeper understanding of how the NHS works. Suppliers struggling to sell into the NHS and wanting to find the right contacts and make the right connections benefited from an opportunity to have face to face conversations. Procurers came away with helpful hints and tips to look at their commercial procurement strategies for the next year, helping visualise where procurement teams want to take their function to.

We thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting and speaking, and as we reflect on this positive experience, we extend our thanks to all who made P4H England 2023 a resounding success. We are genuinely pleased to be part of this forward-thinking community, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and drive positive change within the healthcare procurement landscape.

If you'd like to find out more about NHS LPP's work in NHS procurement and how we are supporting our member trusts and ICBs, please get in touch at Customer@lpp.nhs.uk