Clinical and Healthcare Staffing Framework ITT

The NHS Workforce Alliance has now launched the bid pack for the next iteration of the Clinical Staffing framework (RM6281). The new agreement is due to go live in November 2023 and will succeed the existing Clinical Staffing framework (RM6161). We will be hosting a launch event for our customers nearer the time, and we will be in touch with dates and times.

Please find a link to the contract notice here: RM6281 National Framework for the Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing – Find a Tender, Gov.UK

The new framework will support trusts and public bodies to procure medical and healthcare staff agencies from one agreement, giving our customers flexibility to incorporate service elements that meet individual local and regional requirements, as well as offering improvements in navigation and accessibility.

The framework will contribute to the NHS Social Value goals outlined in PPN 06/20 as well as meeting central government’s Social Value Model. The agreement is compliant with the Cabinet Office Sourcing Playbook. For more information on how the Alliance can support you with the Clinical and Healthcare Staffing Framework, please get in touch with us at