Greener LPP campaign launches

NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) is proud to be launching a new campaign aimed at helping staff to make more environmentally friendly choices both at work and at home.

‘Greener LPP’ launches this month to coincide with Clean Air Day 2021, with staff submitting their pledges on what they can personally do themselves to help reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

These pledges can include anything from leaving the car at home and making a journey by foot/bike to supporting your local council's clean air activities.

The NHS LPP campaign will align with the wider Greener NHS campaign, which was launched last year to reduce the impact on public health and the environment, save money and reach net carbon zero.

Michelle McCann, Category Director for Estates, Facilities and Professional Services, said: “We’re very excited to be launching Greener LPP as it will help us to ensure we are doing everything we possibly can to be more environmentally friendly and align with our overall LPP sustainability and social value strategy.”

Over the coming months, Greener LPP will focus on different sustainability activities for staff to try and adopt in their daily lives.

Michelle added: “It’s great to see so many of our colleagues make their pledges as part of the Greener LPP campaign and Clean Air Day 2021. It just shows that however big or small, we can all do something to help save the planet.”

Take a look at our NHS LPP Twitter feed where we will continue to share our staff pledges. Please feel free to share your Clean Air Day pledges too!